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“Transforming Lives, so that people can be Empowered and Equipped to become Successful in their Personal Lives, Careers, Relationships, Family and Finances: Therefore, We Will Change the World.”

‘We attract and equip passionate people, with Phenomenal Skills and Tools to go out and make a difference’… in their entire life, career, family and relationships so they will become Leaders in Transforming Lives.  With our Academy every Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner become part of something bigger than themselves, so that they can easily and confidently make a difference in this World!!

“Making the choice to become a Leader means that we must be a ‘Good Example’ to others!”

In our Academy we strive to help, change and transform every person in the Training, because that will make our Coaches, Coaches of Life…THE BEST!!

There is a reason you are looking into this and it was not by accident.  You always knew that there is more to life and that you have a destiny to fulfil.

We Equipped And Empower People To:
  • Improve themselve.
  • Want more out of Life.
  • Have a passion in helping people.
  • Become a Mentor because people always want their help, guidance and advice.
  • Want to change their Career.
  • Want to improve on their Career.
  • Just want the tools to move themselve and their life forward.
  • Just love working with children and want the tools to really help them.
  • Want to take their Counselling Career to a deeper level.
  • Want to make a business out of helping people.
  • Want to have the qualification to get compensation for helping people.
  • Want to work from home and have their own flexible hours.
  • Want to let go of their emotional baggage.
  • Live thier Passion and Dream of becoming a Life Coach.
  • Want to use NLP in their personal life and career.
  • Want to make a difference.

‘Whether you are unhappy, have a low self-esteem, feel frustrated, having anger issues, suffer from depression or just feel totally alone in this world’…there is hope for everyone that has the courage to make a bold decision in taking the action that will totally Transform their life.

“Dare to believe that something inside you is greater than your circumstances!”

‘A simple way to discover your destiny is to look into the core of the self without anxiety or delusion.  Do an audit on yourself to see who you really are, what you want and what is important to you in life.’

What kind of Tools will this Training give me?
  • Have the ability to persuade and influence other people Positively.
  • Have the ability to let other people like you instantaneously.
  • Communicating excellently and effectively.
  • The skill to understand people’s behaviours so that you can coach accordingly.
  • The ability to make powerful and positive changes in their subconscious mind.
  • The tools to help people let go of their emotional baggage.
  • The ability to help people change their unwanted behaviours like: “Stop Smoking”.
  • Resolving external and internal conflicts.
  • Having the Art of asking excellent questions.
  • Have a powerful tool to change the Self-Image.
  • Boosting confidence phenomenally.
  • Quick and effective skill’s and tools to delete Limiting Believes like: “I am not good enough.”
  • Being able to help someone to let go of all their emotional baggage on their negative emotions with the powerful “Negative Emotional Therapy.”
  • The tools to help loving oneself unconditionally.
  • NLP gives you the Manual to how your mind works.

This is the only Training of its kind, because we have been there and we totally understand how frustrating it is to feel unable to move forward.  We have more than just the “Pedigree Status” which does not mean that much to us anyway.  Our Journey started 12 years ago and the success on our results can speak for themselves. We choose to learn from people that walk the talk and have the success story from where they’ve been to where they are now and what they have accomplished.

“Our Academy gives you more than any other training institute in South Africa, because our foundation of Empowerment is the Powerful Combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching Methodology’s, Success Mind Set Strategies and the most Advanced Positive Psychology.”

With our International Accredited ANLP and COMENSA courses you can now successfully empower and transform yourself and other people.  Become a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner today and learn how to use your full potential in achieving all your goals.  At our revolutionary and powerful NLP Life Coach Training Academy we equip people to start living their dream and destiny!

COMENSA Life Coaching Training Provider

After completing our training you will be Certified as a:

Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

Negative Emotional Therapy™ Practitioner

“Take the Courage Now and find out exactly how easy it is to Become a Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Today!”

‘We deliver powerful transformation’… for every single person joining our Academy.  We have one aim and one mission: Transforming & Empowering Lives!!!

Don’t take our word for it. Read and Look at what some of our Trainee’s had to say about this Training Course below the Form.

P.S.  Fill in the form now and we will send you all the information you need and when you love what you see we will contact you to answer any other questions.

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Dear Burk and Isobel. If I was to describe and Adam and Eve on earth then it would be the two of you in the most beautiful of ways. You generate light everywhere you go and all around you. I want to thank you both for the amazing tools that the gift of NLP & Life Coaching has done for me and I am already opened up to all the new possibilities in my life and all I can say for now…THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!! Love Leila Awale, Mombasa, Kenya
For years now, I have been soul-searching, needing to know my life purpose.  I already had an innate feeling that I can help and transform people’s lives.  I didn’t have the skill nor the confidence or self-belief and this training has equipped me with all of the above and a whole lot more.  I transformed my whole life and have the skill, knowledge, confidence and belief that I can help transform all those that need to live a happy and fulfilled life. Leanne Pillay
It gave me the tools I had been looking for to assist other people with their stumbling blocks and it sorted out my own at the same time.  Really enjoyed the way the course was presented in such an Authentic, Clear and Easy to understand manner (no pompom ceremony – just excellent results).  Burk – Excellent teacher not only because he has the knowledge but because he applies all of the knowledge and make it easy to understand. Isobel – An absolute Angel.  She made such a positive difference. Renier – Great help and support.  He was always available to help out.  Thank you!! Christopher Drummond
This Training made me part bigger, free whole world that I always knew in my heart exist but never know how to access it or if it was accessible.  Knowing my purpose in life was not enough because it was not in a plain picture where I can say “I would die for this” now these words are in my heart.  I see with my own wide opened eyes.  The certificate (the paper) that is for the other people to have confidence in me, but my awakened mind and heart is what they’ll really get.  Now as for the Esterhuyse Team, there are no words……only my hearts emotions when I think of what you have given me, my family, my clients, a part of you which will be eternally with me.  THANK YOU! Thank you for each spoken word, Burk and Isobel. Thank you. Ayanda Albia
Hi Burk and Isobel. First I want to thank you for an amazing course. Burk, you have connected things in the course I have never been able to do before, and by doing so activated my success mechanism for the first time in my 45 years! It feels as if my life only starts now and I am at long last able to achieve my true potential which I always knew I had. I just never could quite figure it out how to do it. Thank you for giving me the tools to absolutely reach the pinnacle of success! I feel absolutely liberated and I am so grateful I have decided to attend the NLP Life Coach Training Course. Thank you very, very much my friend. And together with Isobel you form an amazingly powerful team! Keep on with your good work and God bless! Frik Fourie
After having gone through this course, I believe that my future is very bright and I have so much to accomplish. I am now such a positive person and aim being a positive light to others. I now know what my purpose is and the steps to take in achieving my goals. This training is exactly what I needed to take the next step in my life. Burk and Isobel created an environment that allowed me to be myself, discover who I am and constantly reminded me that I have all I need in me to make a success of my life. Thank You Burk and Isobel, you are such a beautiful light. Bontle Matuludi
From feeling “Why not me” to feeling and believing “Yes, I can, I will and Have!”  I am no longer afraid of being alive, no longer worried about the future; I am no longer feeling that I cannot!  I have been transformed into the person I always knew I would become.  The real me that is able to accomplish anything.  Burk and Isobel are the most amazing trainers that teach and share with pure love and patience.  I thank God above for their gift and now it’s my gift:  I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Ruth Shimwanza
Absolutely Brilliant!!!  Excellent for removing Doubt, Fear, Anxiety and Low Self-Esteem.  I will recommend this to anyone who has the desire to improve on his personal life. I have effectively had fear, doubt and low self-esteem removed – for Good!! Theuns van Wyk
I am on top of the world.  I came here to learn tools with life coaching but got so much more in return.  NOW, I know that I will be able to do anything and can accomplish my dreams without any doubt.  When I put my mind to anything it will be successful and I will project blessings into my life.  I can still keep on serving God and enjoy all HIS blessings while living the live He intended for me.  Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life.  Thank you Burk and Isobel – you are amazing people!! Riana Vermeulen
When I came to the training I only thought it was “life coaching” and I will be done.  Burk and Isobel have been amazing and when I was reading the testimonials, I didn’t believe some but the training has changed my life especially the information on NLP.  I dealt with my issues and Burk helped me with my Phobia “Fearing Heights” and breaking the Board!  I have no words to explain what it did for me!!! Thank you and stay blessed. Seipati Mosesi
This was the best money ever spent and the best gift money could buy.  I feel great, energetic, I love myself more, I feel confident and now enjoy working and talking to new people (people I just met).  This was the best decision made and it made a real difference in my life. Drusilla Robbetze
NLP Life Coach Training was great!!! It moves me to a new level in my life and causes me too take back control in my life.  This training program was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life.  I now see a new empowering picture and feel ready for success, favor and joy I deserve.  For Burke and Isobel, Thank you for pouring so much in to me and I look forward to grow under your Mentor ship. Timothy Lloyd
I enjoyed it very much and am fully equipped with tools to deal with all situations.  The training is a wonderful supplement and empowerment to my current skills as Counselor. Johnny Grindeling
It opened my eyes to the world of NLP, the techniques are very practical and the trainer makes it easily understood with all his real life experiences as examples.  A good balance of serious learning and a lot of fun and humor!  Besides the coaching skill, I learned a lot of training and communication skills that will benefit me at work and my everyday life. Hannie van Liebergen
Life Changing – absolutely amazing!!  Thank you, I will be back for further study.  The lessons were laid out in an easy to understand way and easy to implement in your life.  As I said – Life Changing!! Marcelle Clarke
I would like to give special thanks for Burk – for his energy, humor and commitment.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 days being focused on practical skills and techniques.  This has provided me with invaluable tools with which I can assist my clients.  At a personal level I found the experience motivating, uplifting, transformational and liberating! Estelle Coetzer
The training was awesome.  I loved the different techniques I learned.  The practical application was very good in getting it ingrained in the subconscious.  I enjoyed how Burke handled all questions.  The training is a lifelong gift that I will cherish!! Natasha Chetty
The training transformed my life.  I came in looking to let go of emotional baggage and that I got right.  I also got empowerment.  I came out loving myself and equipped with ways/tools to take control of my life.  I can recommend for everyone who wants to be the driver in their lives. Tumi Sibanda
Came with great expectations, it exceeds it a 100 times!! This Certification will be of great support in my personal life as well as in establishing my business to help people in counseling and coaching. Pieter de Bruyn
This Course opened up a whole new world of thinking, working, operating and coaching.  The motivation, experience and concepts are all mind-blowing and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to better their own world!! JP Taute
This training made me see life in a totally different light.  It changed me in ways I never thought I could change.  I see my future more clearly now, I have good direction and I am able to guide myself in that direction.  I am so filled with emotions that I didn’t feel before and I feel so empowered to continue empowering others.  I now believe that I can do anything that I want to do and be anything I want to be.  I met a lot of wonderful people who added value to the person I now am.  I also felt so empowered by meeting Burk and Isobel.  Isobel is really a phenomenal woman with such an inspirational personality.  This course went beyond expectation.  I feel whole and filled with love.  This was really an experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life and I intend for our paths to cross again.  God bless you guys for sharing your knowledge and making this world a better place or the best it can be. Nersiha Naidoo
The Training was awesome; it gave me the tools to believe in myself that I am loving, stunning, awesome and great.  The limitations of which I now change to see as challenges are only there to measure my success and commitment to keeping growing and bettering myself through every challenge.  Thank you again Burk and Isobel for a week that I know have already changed my entire life. Shenka Doherty

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“We are tired of the B.S. promises and teachings to become happy and successful from people that teach from what they learned through books instead of teaching from their heart, facts and own living experiences.  We want to implement and learn the things that are proven to work!!!”

“To Get Great Results and Discover How You Will Become Unstoppable”…you need to fill in your personal details in order to find out how, when and where.

“Turn your passion and story into profits and make 2012 you’re Best Year Ever!!! “

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