Personal Life Coaching Testimonials 2008 – 2010


Dear Burk

Life has thrown every obstacle into my pathway including anger and depression. I was angry most of the time and every person in my immediate contact did not escape. When I could not get my way with anger, I used to go into a depressive state. This used to last one to two weeks and was very low moments. Because of this I had very few friends and family would avoid me at all cost.
I had to do something and a few years ago I sought help from doctors but they could not help me. I let it be but it continued destroying me, until recently when it affected my work tremendously.

I had to do something, but what? I searched the web and came across Dynamic Quantum Coaching. I got in touch with Burk and he advised me to read his E-Book. What wonderful tactics I thought, but will this work for me and how, I asked myself. Well there was only one way to find out, I attended the two day coaching.

During the coaching Burk gave me invaluable advice, how life really works, how I have influenced myself, who is really responsible for who I am today, how to make better decisions in life but most importantly to have total control of my mind, body, life and more.
Remember now, I came to Burk for anger and depression, what does the above have to do with the treatment?

This is where everything became interesting; Burk removed anger as well as nine additional negative emotions from my sub-conscious and replaced all with positive emotions. The Life Skill advice I received, compliment the positive emotions. The advice added more value after the Transformation Life Coaching.
I was healed during the two days and don’t have to attend any more coaching (I don’t have the time in any case). No further treatment needed and this worked for me. Burk also gave me simple tools to apply for approximately twenty one days so it becomes second nature.
The test came when I got back with to the real world, as always someone will push my buttons, my sub-conscious mind will go and look for the anger, (which was normally in my chest finding its way up to my head) nothing, just plain nothing and this was confusing for my mind at first. At this moment, seconds, my sub-conscious remembers that it can decide which action to take. Before, the negative emotions used to make the decisions for me, but now I make my own decisions and not my negative emotions.

Burk, thanks for helping me overcome my anger as well as the valuable life skills advice which you have taught me. My life will never be the same again and I want to thank you from my bottom of my heart for helping me change into a better person that I am today. My co-workers are amazed at my turnaround as well as my family. They are joyful and happy people now thanks to you. I will recommend the coaching to anyone who has difficulty dealing with negative emotions.

Vernon Fenner


To Burk and Isobel, what a team!!!

Events have happened in my life, some good, some not so good. The last few days spent with Isobel have been beyond the incredible in developing my abilities to achieve great things……… event that goes right to the top of the really great ones in my life!!



Dear Isobel

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to turn my very dim, dull and negative life into one of great possibilities and potentials that can all be found within me. Where there is darkness, there is light, where there is sadness, there is happiness but where there is hope, there is Isobel!
Thanks for my new found life! I intend to make the best of it NOW, through the GREATEST TOOLS I could have found through your “Transformation Life Coaching”.

It is ONE in a MILLION!

Best Wishes


Good Day Burk,

Thanks for a brilliant three days. I found your delivery, pace and content excellent. A very enjoyable, positive life-changing course. It has greatly benefited my relationships at home and my work. The past now remains in the past. Negative Emotional Therapy™ has left any previous preconceived assumptions behind and opened my mind to accepting a future of endless exciting possibilities. Would recommend it to everyone. Thank You once again.

Jonathan Wheeler


The previous weeks before the Personal Life Coaching I have experienced intense emotions of Anger, Sadness, Victimisation and hopelessness. My time and thoughts were occupied with asking myself questions on how I am going to get out of the life I am currently experiencing and knowing that unless something changes drastically, my thoughts were spiralling into deep depression.

My sister was shocked to see how depressed I have become since the last time she saw me and recommended that I do the 2½ day Transformtion Life Coaching program with Burk. She attended it the previous week and it assisted her greatly.

I attended the course (very skeptically!!!) as I have tried many mind development programs and it seems to have given me hope as I did it and slowly the depression and negative thoughts will come back.

What I found different to this Transformation Life Coaching program (that no other course offered) is that it goes back to the first moment that you experience the negative emotions and then create an opportunity for you to heal yourself at that moment. The reason why I know this course is different is that no other therapy (I have been attending for years) went to the route course. As my strongest negative emotions were experienced in the womb (I was not even aware of this previously) – no therapy would ever have been able to identify and heal this aspect of my existence.

I recommend this program to anyone as it changed my subconscious immediately and I could see a change in my behaviour by the third day. In the past I have wanted to behave differently to certain triggers in my life but never seemed to be able to change the behaviour that would assist me in achieving my goals.

Immediately after the course I noticed that I started behaving differently and automatically without having to force it or think about it. These new behaviours were directly aligned to the goals that I have set for myself.

Annelie Smit


Dear Isobel

This training and new thinking in life is going to, AND have changed my relationship with my husband and children…..appreciating what I have by always being GRATEFULL!!!!

Thank you


Hallo Burk

Ek het nog altyd baie vinnig ge-iriteerd geraak en nog vinniger kwaad geword en dan begin skreeu op my vrou en kinders. Hulle het onder my humeur gelei en ek was onder die indruk dat my lewe so gaan wees vir altyd.

My vrou het vir my die boek “THE USER MANUAL OF THE MIND” gegee en gevra ek moet dit lees. Nou ek lees nie graag nie, maar ek het die boek gelees…….. en weer gelees, die boek klink te goed om waar te wees het ek gedink? Ek het ‘n afspraak met Burk gemaak en besluit om die NLP life coaching te doen. In die begin van die coaching was ek half skepties. Maar toe begin my lewe verander vanaf dag 1 .Na “Negative Emotional Therapy” het ek soos ‘n nuwe mens gevoel……amper te goed om waar te wees, of so het ek gedink? Ek is ‘n nuwe mens en ek word glad nie meer kwaad nie en is 100% in beheer van my lewe. Ek het soveel gegroei en is vir die eeste keer in my lewe regtig lief vir myself. Ons almal het ‘n verlede wat ons op een of ander manier terughou. Die beste gevoel op die aarde is om dit agter jou te kan sit en aan te skuif en die lewe voluit te geniet.

Burk, jy het my lewe verander met Coaching en met die “tools” wat ek by jou gekry het gaan ek my lewe vir altyd so hou. Baie dankie Burk ek kan enige iemand aanraai om die NLP coaching by jou te doen jy is n grate ou en “excellent” life coach



(Translated to English) Hi Burk.

First I want to thank you for your presentation of the Personal Life Coaching program. The professionalism that you handled during the sessions, contributed a lot to the fast reaction that followed.

The Personal Life Coaching program helped me to sort out a lot of the stumble blocks that kept me back in my profession. As a student and a doctor certain fears and failures always kept me back to discover and develop my full potential. After the session all the fear has disappear and now I can run my practice with joy and delight. The reaction what this has on the patience and their healing is unbelievable.

Goals for myself and the practice are not only a dream or desire any more but a reality that I live and experience because all the stumble blocks has disappeared.

Thanks for the opportunity to help me discover a life without boundaries and without fear.

Regards. Dr J.J Uys


I met Burk Esterhuyse as a client of mine at beginning June, but immediately had rapport with him as an individual. When he mentioned that he did Life Coaching, I was very interested and booked a free session for more information. It did not take much for me to book for the Transformation Life Coaching program, as I was going through severe emotional stress and had realised that my anger issues had gotten out of hand.

I went through the Transformation Life Coaching program with Burk, feeling very safe and comfortable, especially after working through the concise study material. It was emotionally very intense and quite exhausting, but I felt liberated from the negative issues and past problems that we dealt with. Burk guided and coached me in a very uplifting and energising way, and still continues to inspire me now in my life process and journey.

I would like to thank you, Burk, you mean a lot to my soul.

Retha Bodenstein


Liewe Burk
Die Life Coaching Sessies het vir my (en my Familie) soveel beteken. My oogklappe is af en ek het al my vorige “Liminting Beliefs” en behaviours raakgesien en verander. Ek sou nooit kon glo dat dit so maklik en pynloos kon wees nie. Ek wens ek het hierdie tegnieke geken baie jare gelede. Ek kon myself soveel pyn (en tyd) in die lewe gespaar het. Ek het ‘n gevoel van rustigheid, tevredenheid en ek weet ek is OK. Wow! En dit in 2½ dae!!!
Dankie Burk
H. Lunderstedt


Hallo Burk.

Net ‘n dankie vir die aanbieding van die Transformation Life Coaching program. Die professionele manier waarop jy dit hanteer het, het bygedra tot die vinnige reaksie wat gevolg het.

Die Transformation Life Coaching program het my gehelp om sekere struikelblokke, wat my terug gehou het in my beroep, uit te sorteer. As student en dokter het sekere vrese van mislukking my altyd terug gehou om my volle potensiaal te ontdek en te ontwikkel. Na die kursus bevind ek myself waar die vrees verdwyn het en ek met oorgawe en genot my praktyk kan bedryf. Die reaksie wat dit op pasiente en hul genesing het is ongelooflik.

Doelstellings vir myself en die praktyk is nie meer ‘n droom of ‘n begeerte nie, maar ‘n werklikheid wat ek kan begin ervaar en beleef omdat die struikelblokke verwyder is.

Dankie vir die geleentheid dat ek ‘n lewe kon ontdek wat sonder perke en sonder vrees is.

Groete. Dr. J.J. Uys


Hallo Burk,

Jammer oor die laat brief, maar my lewe is so vol en besig na die Transformation Life Coaching program. Alles is nie net meer ’n droom nie, maar die droom word omgeskakel na ‘n werklikheid. Dit is asof ‘n onsigbare krag jou optel en vat na daardie doelwitte wat ingeplant is in jou tydlyn. Geen emosies of gevoelens of wat ook al kan dit uitvee wat geplant is nie.
Dankie vir hierdie ongelooflike geheim wat helder geword het.
Ons sien julle binnekort.

Groete, Ds. Elmer Uys


When I think back at this special experience I’ll always will stand strong, straight, proud and with a smile from ear to ear to say that I did Life Coaching at Dynamic Quantum Coaching with Isobel Esterhuyse.

Transformation Life coaching is definitely not a one way thing – if you don’t put your heart to it, you won’t get the effective changes that you are looking for. The reason why I wanted Life Coaching was because of my insecurities when I was surrounded with people so that I can get rid of my shyness and the self-hatred I was experiencing so often in my life. I also lived with the guilt and uncertainty of why my twin sister had to leave this world and what made me so special to stay behind. I disliked myself so much that it started to affect my whole being. It affected my relationship with my parents, my dreams, my academic, even my friendships. I always believed I’m not good enough to be loved. Fortunately all that changed…

It was definitely a challenge at first. The end result is very magnificent, but the process to get to the end result wasn’t all that easy in the beginning. You have to be open for the truth and we all know that the truth can hurt. I disliked myself so much, I now I had to think, reason, and listen to comments and it is all these hours just about me. At times it drove me insane, but it was definitely worth while!

It helped me to see things from a different perception, to identify my purpose in life and it gave me the courage to take ownership of my life and risk living my dream. Some of the things I gained from this course are that I received the gift to love others for who they are and to love myself for who I am. I gained the privilege to live life to the fullest, I gained the beauty to see everything and everyone as magnificent, I gained the energy to keep on following my dreams, I also gained the privilege to rediscover myself and the best of all – I gained the honor to meet a true friend… I also learned that: when did who decide we are not good enough?

I still get insecure moments, but I now have the tools to make that insecurity disappear. Life still goes on as normal. Even if you are changed, the other people are still the same. They will still say the things that will hurt you; they will still do the things which pleases them. You can’t change them, they can only change themselves, but you can change the effect of what their words have on you. Why do everyone’s speculations have to hurt us so deeply if it’s only their speculations – they don’t know the truth? We have the key to our heart and only a true friend will be brave enough to enter that door and to spend time to get to know us for the person who we really are.
You are the person God created you to be – you can be anything you want to be, the only person that holds you back is yourself.

I had an amazing time with Isobel. She is a very sweet person who shines love, tenderness and greatness through her eyes. Isobel touched my heart and life forever – imagine what she can mean for you…

Something to think about: “Be yourself. It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for something that you are not.”



Dear Isobel,
I am so glad and thankful that I had attended a personal breakthrough season, a life changing experience. Now I see the world threw different eyes. The small things in life that usually bothered me are being used now for stepping stones to success.

And now for the first time in my life, I can put the past in the past where it belongs, it is no longer an obstacle in my life. The past had formed me as the person I am today, a person made for Greatness, a person that I didn’t see in myself. But threw the coaching I discovered the person I always longed to be, but never saw it in myself and loving myself and discovering more each day of myself, that brings out the best of me and other people.

I now put all my ideas into action and removed all the baggage’s in my life. The fantastic thing about YOUR coaching is learning to create your own success for yourself. Great things really can happen.

Isobel, I appreciate every minute and commitment to helping me make a huge different in my life.

Best Regard, Annemarie Vogel.


Goeiemôre Burk

Ek sukkel eintlik om ‘n kansie te kry om aan jou te skryf – dit is net asof ek toegegooi word onder werk as ek beplan om ‘n notatjie aan jou te stuur (en dit nogal net deur Probono werk wat op my pad kom en my deur die feite in geskil noop om toe te stem tot die tipe litigasie)

Vandag wil ek weer net bevestig dat daar ‘n GROOT verandering by Leon te bespeur is na sy sessies by jou.

Hy is geheel en al ‘n ander mens! En belangrikste van alles is die feit dat hy baie meer gelukkig en berustend voorkom. Hy glimlag en skaterlag! (iets wat voorheen nie baie voorgekom het nie)

Hy is baie meer vriendelik en baie tegemoetkomend teenoor almal, knoop opgewekte en opbouende gesprekke met almal aan en kom meelewend en ondersteunend voor teenoor ons almal.

Sy pa en ek het opgemerk dat hy baie meer vertroue in homself en sy vermoëns openbaar. Tog besef hy ook dat daar by hom tekortkomings is waaraan hy sal moet werk en wat hy sal moet oorbrug – en dit is vir my nogal baie belangrik dat hy groot insig toon om die hunkering te openbaar om te kan groei op alle terreine van menswees!

Ek en hy het seker die meeste en die langste oor intieme sake en sake wat na aan sy hart lê gesels as ooit. Hy toon absoluut volwasse insig en passie vir hierdie nuutgevonde kleinnood. In die verlede was hy absoluut onseker met ‘n reuse negatiewe selfbeeld. Nou is hy oop en baie meer toeganglik met ‘n baie meer positiewe selfbeeld. Hy voel baie goed oor homself en beleef homself baie positief. (En ek verstout my om te sê dat hy vir die eerste keer in ‘n verhouding “engage” met ‘n dametjie wat saam met hom op skool was – sy is gek oor hom en vind hom baie aantreklik en interessant.)

Ons was Do.aand met my en my man se huweliksherdenking, vir die eerste keer nadat Leon by jou was, by Thys, sy broer in Northcliff, en vir die eerste keer het die twee broers so lekker saam gekuier. Dit was ‘n gelaggery en geskerts vir die vale. Hulle het golf en motorfiets gesels, lekker sushi geëet en heerlik saam met ons gesellig verkeer.

Thys en sy meisie het die verandering in Leon opgemerk en hulle het later ‘n sms aan hom gestuur waarin hulle vir hom gesê het dat hulle hom vreeslik geniet het die aand en dat hulle baie lief is vir hom. Hulle het verder gesê dat dit lekker is om Leon so gelukkig, positief, vol moed en betrokke te sien. Hulle verbatim woorde verder was die volgende:”hou aan met wat jy doen en net positiewe dinge sal na jou kant toe kom.”

Selfs Ceclia, ons bediende van etlike jare, het aan my genoem dat sy sien dat Leon anders is nadat hy weg was vir die paar dae. Sy en hy gesels lekker en skirts en maak grappies.

Leon se tannie, my sekretaresse, het ook dadelik die verandering in Leon bespeur. Voorheen was Leon eitlik baie keer baie geirriteerd met haar en haar sienswyses en uitkyk op die lewe. Nou merk ek dat hy baie meer simpatiek teenoor haar optree en baie meer beskermend is. Hy ondersteun haar en begelei haar eintlik in ‘n groot mate na n meer positiewe uitkyk en verdraagsaamheiid op die lewe.

Ek en my man is eintlik verstom oor die geheel en al ommekeer wat ons bespeur. Hy groet ons opgewek en vriendelik elke oggend as hy inkom – iets wat selde in die verlede gebeur het; troeuens, my man het die Sa. toe hy van Pta af teruggekom het vir my gesê dat die Nbe toets lê eintlik die volgende oggend voor as leon inkom, en toe hy darem So. met so ‘n BA.A.A NG!! en VOW!!! Inkom was on aangenaam verras!

Leon het ook vir die eerste keer met sy oudste broer spontaan oor die telefoon gesels – iets wat Leon baie keer traag was om te doen. Ons sien vir Willem-hulle eers in Des as hulle kom kuier, dan sal ons kan aflei of sy broer en skoonsuster en ons kleinkinders die verandering in hom gaan raak sien.

Ten slotte wil ek ook net noem dat ons weet en Leon self weet ook dat daar nog ‘n lang pad vorentoe lê waaraan daar gewerk sal moet word. Maar “so far so good!”

Ella Louw


Hi Burk,

Sorry I have taken such a long time to send you the testimonial. I must confess that my life is so full right now with so much happening in a short period of time. So wonderful to have so much energy now a days and the confidence to do little things my negative emotions did not allow me before.

I have been experiencing good, wonderful things now and have grown so fast since our meeting. You know how I feel so don’t have to explain because I have no words.

I want to thank you one more time.

Have a Glories afternoon



Dear Burk,

Thank-you for an amazing life changing three days. As a business owner, life can get stressful at times and because you don’t automatically earn a paycheck on the end of the month, nor do you know where the next client will come from, you can really get caught up in work and run around with stress all day.

The stress was holding me back, I could not grow my business and all the free time I had available, I spend working, putting in about 18 hours of work per day and burning myself out and did not realize life was passing me by.

After I decided I need to do your three day session, I never looked back. I’m totally relaxed when it comes to my business and no longer worried where my next clients will come from and whether they will sign or not. Since I stopped stressing and worrying all day, I found I have more clients to serve and greater ones on that same note.

I am also much more focused, thus the reason why I’m in the process of opening two more internet businesses this year. Yes, it is almost the end of the year, but what better time to start than right now! After all, nothing can stop me now.

I am truly grateful to you, for putting the joy, love and my dream of becoming a commercial pilot back in my life whilst still running my businesses.

People can clearly see a new me and have commented, as I have a new burning desire for life. Dress differently, walk up straight and not slumped over as before and just embrace each day with open arms.

I’m so happy, I found I was walking with a smile on my face without knowing it. Only after people approached me in public to ask for help or direction where before no one even dared to look my way I realized the world is looking at me with a whole new set of eyes.

But best of all, I just met the most wonderful and amazing girl in the world…no pick-up lines, no bragging or fancy words, just by being myself with my new positive attitude and outlook on life.

Which leaves me with the last thing. I closed my facebook account, unplugged my TV nor do I read the newspapers. As I don’t live my life around what other people say or think is possible and not possible. I create my own world with endless possibilities and spend my now available free time, learning new and exciting things.

I Look forward to the Life Coach Training course in December. If you managed to help me help myself in three days, I can’t wait to see what you can do in eight days.

Kind Regards


Dear Isobel
Thank you for your insight into my world.
You have brought a new level of information to me that I am very grateful for.
With the new tools now available I am able to change my circumstances the way I chose to.
The dedication and beliefs that you display is an example to me and I know that you will contribute to our changing world.

Blessing and much love.
Anne Kellerman


Burk , ek wil net weereens baie dankie se vir die groot hulp wat jy was om my te help om van my bagasie ontslae te raak . Ek verstaan nou eers wat jy bedoel toe jy gese het dat ek self die verantwoordelik moet neem om die besluite te maak om my verlede en al die dinge wat my pa veroorsaak het in my lewe, te laat gaan en voluit te begin lewe. Die metodes wat jy gebruik het was onkonvensioneel en tog so eenvoudig. Waar was jy 10 jaar terug ? Hoeveel trane kon ek nie myself gespaar het as ek dit al toe gedoen het nie. Ons het my pa ‘n ruk terug begrawe en ek dra geen spyt nie, net liefde vir dit wat was .

Baie dankie.
JP Joubert


Hallo Burk
“Ek het woede behandeling nodig gehad om my lewe te verander. Ek het met angina (hart pyne) plus hartkloppings gereageer op situasies waar ek kwaad geword het. Ek verstaan nou hoekom mense ander insae op die waarheid het, en hulle, hul eie “waarheid” belewe. Deur van die kettings van emosionele reaksie wat my reaksie vergroot, vererger en my buite my beheer gemaak het ontslae te raak, het my siening oor die lewe verbeter en my lewens vooruitsig en tussen werking met ander mense nou meer liefde en insae op hul redes van reaksie tot gevolg. Ek kan nou kies om nie kwaad te word nie en kan dus blink, opwindende lewens vooruitsigte en beplanning hê en beplan om ‘n vooruitstrewende leefwyse met genoeg geld, geluk en liefde te gemoet toe gaan.”

Dr Attie Smit


Dear Isobel
Wow! My chains are broken. I’ve been set Free. My only regret, it took me 45 years to get here, but I absolutely know that my future is full of love and abundance.


Hi Guys
I came in for my Personal NLP Life Coaching program for my life just didn’t seem right. Right in the way that, if I had a choice I would have asked to be taken out of this world. Now I see so many possibilities, that I felt like a dumb ass for the choices I made and how I saw the world. Life is wonderful and all my dreams have come true. Thanks to Burk, Isobel and their wonderful Family.



Hi Burk
Voordat ek die kurses gedoen het, het ek oorheersend negatiewe gedagtes van myself en my toekoms gehad en in die algemeen het ek ‘n negatiewe gemoeds toestand gehad. Gedurende die kurses het ek geleer hoe om in beheer te wees van my gedagtes en emosies en het ek vaardighede geleer wat ek vir die res van my lewe kan gebruik. Ek sien myself now heeltemal anders, ek voel goed oor myself en ek is positief, hoopvol en sien uit na my toekoms.
Johan Prinsloo


Hi Burk
There is a marked change to how I am feeling now about myself and my goals in life compared to the time before starting the sessions. The changes is very positive and energising to my outlook and has provided a new way to look at myself and events around me. I am feeling great and I know better now how to stay feeling great.
R. A. Bostock


Hi Burk
Dynamic Quantum Coaching has helped me clear major barriers and blockages in my life. I have a positive outlook on my life, I know now that my business ventures will be successful, my relationships with those close to me are stronger and healed. I have seen huge positive changes in others who have attended Dynamic Quantum Coaching, happiness, success and leading the lives they want. A special thanks to Burk for this opportunity and learning’s. I wish him and Dynamic Quantum Coaching the growth they envision.
Paul Roos


Hi Burk

“From ZERO to HERO in 3 days”

What an amazing experience

Self-confidence – UP
Internal conflict – GONE
Focused – CHECK
In control of my own future – Double Check

I stopped questioning myself on decisions that I had to make, now I can look at a situation and make decisions without second guessing myself which saves me time and allows me to move forward.
I can now walk into a room and not feel intimidated by anyone. I can be calm in stressful situations. I can choose not to make emotional, irrational decisions.
After “Personal Life Coaching program” I felt an immediate change, but the best is that this feeling of contentment gets stronger as time passes.
This is a must for anybody, doesn’t matter if you think you won’t get anything out of this (thinking like that will just make the outcome more exciting).

Andre Pretorius


Hi to you and the family.

I hope you well.
Just wanted to give you an update on how things are going.
I got a new job. started the 1st of this month.
I also wanted to get R 9000, after deduction- which has also happened.
Planning on moving out next year, so I can buy and not rent.
The weight thing is down to 58, so we need 2 more kg and then that has happened as well.
Sorry I couldn’t make the conference, but when you have another one maybe I can take leave and attend it.
I really hope you are well, I miss you guys.

Thanks for everything.