• WOW! Words are not enough! If I had to choose one word it would be ‘BREAKTHROUGH’! Everything that has been holding me back to even try and step out of my comfort zone has been completely and utterly destroyed! It has unleashed my ‘TRUE and GREAT’ me! The “Pam” who I was born to be! I am already seeing and feeling the incredible manifestations of what my mind, body and soul has gone through the past five days. My body that was riddled with intense and chronic pain (in my colon (IBS)), back (2 back operations), foot (neuroma), shoulders (recent impingement operation) etc etc – initially it all got worse, but today 90{6cd98a78a0bbfb9831f15dafc00d10e616da577cc722d5e71bfed7ec79a4aed5} of the pain is GONE! I can now see how my negative mind-set and negative belief systems were slowly destroying, not only my peace of mind and emotions, but my body too. I have experienced great and deep healing in every area of my body, mind and soul. I feel a great release from negativity and from the ‘ugly and self-destructive’ voice in my head – that voice is gone for good! I am SO appreciative and FULL of gratitude and love. Today was my breakthrough for my confidence with everything starting to manifest, and I feel it slowly coming together. My mind is much clearer, brighter and I feel totally centred and peaceful now. I even got a VISION for my life today during our session of installing self-confidence! It was so real, and I have been praying for a vision for my life for many years. Even though it may take a few years of self-transformation first, I now know that I was born to become a TRANSFORMATION COACH to teachers. Thank you Burk and Isobel!!!

    Pam de Robillard
  • I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of a special group of people that changed from strangers to friends in days. The course itself is phenomenal, to say the least. Having attended therapy, life coaching sessions, and workshops and read countless books, what I learnt in this week have made me into the person I envisioned for me my entire life. I have been equipped with skills to deal head-on with anything that comes my way. I feel truly powerful, confident and able to conquer the world. I plan to carry these tools and endeavour to enrich the lives of others. Thank you Burk and Isobel of doing in five days what others could not do for me in years – Thank you does not even feel enough – I have a new lease! I have been freed of all that blocked me.

    Urvasi Chetty
  • WOW! This life coaching training gave me the biggest breakthrough I’ve ever experienced. It is something you cannot explain until you’ve experienced it yourself… I did courses but couldn’t let go of that “it” factor, that last bit of doubt, that not feeling good enough, that worry and fear, and here I finally broke it out of myself like we broke that board. A feeling of absolute peace in me, around me and in everything I experience, a sense of strength and ability like never before. I walk out of here today a changed woman, I have conquered this course, my issues with self and with the world. I play at a new level now, a level of 100{6cd98a78a0bbfb9831f15dafc00d10e616da577cc722d5e71bfed7ec79a4aed5}, with power, confidence, determination and drive. I leave here with a knowing that I can and I will. I leave here full and filled up with pure love and light. This has given me the tools I need to push myself beyond what I think I’m capable of, it has shown me sides of myself I never knew I had… But mainly, I have seen what belief in yourself can do and what happens when you focus only on the outcome. I have never met a more powerful, beautiful, supersonic couple than Burk and Isobel, I admire them to their core and it’s because of what they teach and live as coaches that makes me want to be a part of this Transformation Coaching Academy. Here you find truth, here you get the real thing, here you find who you are and I know that there’s not many places you can find this fully like I did, and therefore today I am grateful beyond measure. Thank you.

    Janine Thomas
    Model – Transformation Coach – http://janinemarlese.co.za/
  • This transformation coach training has equipped and transformed my life. It gave me direction and understanding of what was limiting me in life. After the understanding, I was able to get rid of all the emotions, beliefs and behaviours that stood on the way of me fulfilling my purpose in life. I am now personally transformed, I am equipped and skilled in what I want to accomplish. I am full of courage and determination now. I got some practice in using the skills that gave me confidence. The group also encouraged me that I am not alone on this journey. Burk and Isobel, you really made a difference in my life and not mine alone, but all the people who will benefit because of my transformation. Thank you, and God bless you.

    Boremo Mothaung
  • For long I have been on a path, seeking to get in touch with who I am and at the same time overcome the limitations that have stood in my way and had presented themselves as insurmountable barriers. The harder I tried, the more difficult it became, the closer I got, the more elusive my goal became. In just a week, under the tutorship and guidance of Burk & Isobel, I have made a breakthrough I had almost given up on. To say my life has been transformed is an understatement, there is a revolution taking place in every cell and every neuron, literally in every aspect of who I am. The way I saw and interpreted myself and the world a week ago has changed so much, some people might think or conclude that I am some sort of ‘alien’. Spiritually, physically and mentally the transition is absolutely phenomenal. I am no longer a seeker – now I just have to be me and live to be the best that I was created to be. All the tools I need and needed have been lying dormant in me, now they are released and activated, I am present. Thank you Burk & Isobel.

    Sabelo Sibanda
  • This training has given me all the tools to use to make my life and the lives of others so much more meaningful. The tools to let go of negative and useless emotions that stand in the way of living a full and joyful life of purpose. I am filled with appreciation. Thank you Burk and Isobel.

    Janine Eveleigh
    Director/Business Woman, now Transformation Coach – www.leapforjoy.co.za
  • This transformation coaching course is exactly what the name states: “Transformational!!” Burk, thank you, you took me to a place so phenomenal, a place I never even knew existed, a place previously unimaginable, and you have made it my reality! To be able to finally let go of every grain of fear, doubt, any negative emotion, its priceless!! Nowhere else in the WORLD is a better course than this one. Thank you Burk for LIVING what you teach, being the living example. Thank you for keeping yourself on such a phenomenal level and in so doing, guiding us to greatness! Wow! Mind-blowing! Powerful!

    Karien Muller
    Photographer & Transformation Coach – https://www.karienmuller.com/
  • This transformation coaching course is more than my expectations. Burk has transformed my life personally. I feel empowered to face my clients armed with the right tools and techniques to truly transform their lives. I have personally gained knowledge that I will be using to help myself through all my negative emotions and my family as well. This course has transformed me as a woman, a mother, a business woman, I feel capable and confident that I can successfully transform the lives of those who need coaching.

    Rooksana Rashid Modan
    Wealth Coach & Business Broker
  • This transformation coach training has taken me to a level in my life that I did not think was possible. I feel light, my mind feels free. I feel empowered to go out, back into my day-to-day life and make the changes I need, through continuously pushing my limits. Burk and Isobel, you have been a blessing and I am so grateful to all the higher powers above for placing me on the right path, a journey of self-discovery that the both of you have shown me how to open and release me!! Thank you!!!

    Prenita Naidoo
  • I attended transformation coach training at Transformation Coaching Academy™. I gained so much knowledge and practical training which is going to make a great impact on my personal growth journey and to my coaching business. Burk and Isobel, you guys are absolute phenomenal trainers who have lots of passion to make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you for the professional training. My life will not be the same anymore, it’s going to be phenomenally life changing to change people’s lives for the better.

    Rohit Desai
    Business and Transformation Coach
  • I was feeling very stuck in my current/old career, unable to move forward. I needed to make sure that the next career I go into is aligned with my passion before I put any energy into it. Not only has this transformation coaching course given me a new perspective and outlook, but I have found my new life purpose! I can’t wait to start on my new career as a coach and transformation healer! Thank you for the most comprehensive course that really actually works!

    Natasha Williams
    Model – Fitness Studio Owner
  • I came to learn more techniques as I’m always on the lookout for the fastest most effective techniques to assist my clients through trauma. As a lot of my work has developed into coaching, I felt it necessary to expand my scope of practice. This course gave me what I was looking for, plus – expansion for myself as well as for my practice. Thanks Burk

    Sonja Simak
    Traumatologist – http://healingpoint.co.za
  • This life coach course not only taught me how to help others, but helped me to help me. I got in touch with my buried emotional baggage, and I got the privilege to dealing with them. I know for sure I will be in a way better position to help others going forward. This time with proven techniques. This course also gave me revelation of things that always sat in my spirit to do, yet I procrastinated about. Now I am free to fly. Fly higher and higher. My attributes are even clearer and brighter than ever. I am now appreciative and grateful for that guidance and teachings. Thanks so much.

    Paulina Mphasi
  • This has been a profound personal learning experience. I expected to come to a life coaching course to learn how to coach others, but instead I developed the greatest personal tools and experienced the most amazing personal transformations, that all I can say is that before one wishes to do something for others, wish to do it for yourself. Thank you for an amazing course, beyond expectation!!

    Bettina Moser
  • WOW! What a phenomenal experience! I have done a lot in my life, and learnt a lot, but nothing has equalled what I learnt on this course. I wish I’d known this 20 years ago – my life would have been different. Burk and Isobel – Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Raeesa Mahomed
    Radio Drama Producer & Coach – www.raeesamahomed.co.za
  • The Transformation Coaching Training transformed my life and my perspective on how the world is and how to live in it effectively. And it really made me see possibility in terms of achieving my goals and how to expand your thinking while going through that process. The training gave me more confidence on how to approach people and get rid of those limitations that keeps holding us back in life, and causes us to remain stagnant at all times. It really helped me to go out there and thrive and achieve all my goals and gave me techniques on how to do that effectively. My relationships, my finances, and my life as a whole is changing as of this moment and I’m striving towards better things. Thank you to my trainers, Mr and Ms Esterhuyse.

    Boisile Stephen Mlindile
  • This transformation coaching training profoundly exceeded my expectation. I feel like I’m not only going to be coaching, but also healing people’s lives with all the Therapy Techniques we’ve been trained on. It has healed, empowered ad positioned me to a life-long career towards fulfilling my life’s purpose. The content is so vast that it has opened me and my business up for a variety of niche market choices to explore. I am grateful and appreciate “Transformation Coaching Academy™”.

    Zanele Mthembu
  • It gave me positive thoughts. It made me calm. My inner conflict is gone, my feeling for self-love is high. The course was fantastic. I’ve learnt how to help myself and also others. I’ve set goals for the first time in my life and am going to follow it. It made me realise how powerful my subconscious mind is. The reason why I am sick is because of my thoughts. I felt in five days so positive, which I’ve lost for 26 years. I just want to learn more and do more. I like the energy and vibrations that are working in my body. I never knew this is how your body, mind and soul works. Thank you for opening my eyes Burk and Isobel. I want to be like the two of you. Much love xx

    Antioné Heyneke
    Law Interpreter: Legal & Policy: SARS
  • In search of myself, the real me, I have finally found a course that has profoundly brought me into self-realisation and equipped me with techniques that is truly empowering for myself, clients and family. For the first time I have found that I am finally at a place that I am truly passionate about and a career that proceeds this passion of transforming people.

    Shannon Lalla
  • This transformation coaching course is simply amazing. It has transformed my life. I went from being Miss Anxious to Miss Confident. Thank you Burk and Isobel for using your passion to transform lives!!