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5 Important Elements for Great EFT Sessions

The far more we can streamline the process of what we do throughout EFT the greater the outcomes. We will be far more efficient, clientele will know what to anticipate and they will appreciate the consistency they experience in our EFT sessions.

I want to share what I have identified are the elements for productive and effective Emotional Freedom Strategy sessions. I have gleaned these points from both being a patient of EFT myself as properly as studying other top EFT’ers in the field, and also borrowed what worked from my 1st medical practice in Classical Homeopathy.

5 Vital Elements for Fantastic EFT Sessions with Your Clientele

Prior to the EFT Session:

#1) Send an Intake FormI think it is critical for the Practitioner to know what the focus of the session/s are. So in my practice, when the session/s is paid for, I send an intake form to my customers with extremely specific queries about the challenge/concern/aim so we can truly concentrate in like a lazer during the session/s together.

#2) Address Frequently Asked QuestionsOnce a client books a session/s, I send a Often Asked Questions list to answer questions about EFT beforehand. Again, this makes it possible for our sessions to be lazer-like and then we can progress towards their goal much more effectively. You can also list this details on your website, as nicely as info about you and your practice, so that potential clientele can access this information.

During the EFT Session:

#three) Use EFT in every sessionI know this may well sound redundant to remind practitioners to use EFT, but I have had customers tell me that when they went to other Practitioners they did not use EFT at all throughout a session. I have also skilled this myself years ago as a patient. For my practice, I feel sessions would be incomplete with out it… as I call EFT the ‘Secret Weapon.’-) to release what is keeping folks stuck and move them forward.

#four) Take Detailed Notes and RatingsI think it is essential to take detailed notes for the duration of sessions to client’s progress can be monitored and celebrated. There is absolutely nothing much more satisfying to the client (and the practitioner!) than to read some of the clientele personal words about a past concern/memory or habit and have them say, ‘That is not true any longer!’ or ‘No, I do not really feel that angry/sad about that….WOW!’

Also take ratings. Ratings (SUDS: Subjective Unit of Distress Scale) are how we also monitor progress and can hone in on what demands to be tended to. Taking ratings drastically varies from Practitioners, I very suggest taking them regularly in the sessions.

Immediately after the EFT Session:

#6) Help between EFT Sessions It is critical for your clientele to know that their progress will carry on right after the session. Do you offer encouragement and assistance in the form of e mail newsletters, teleclasses or articles in between sessions? What other assistance, items or instruction can you supply? For example, I typically give tapping ‘fun work’ at the finish of every session, which only takes a couple of minutes a few instances a week. I find this increases the progress of the client as nicely as holds them accountable to their component in the method. I also encourage my customers to sign up for my free weekly newsletter where I share suggestions on how to use EFT.

Attempt incorporating one or much more of the components mentioned above streamlines your EFT sessions with your clientele and produces more constant outcomes. I know your clientele will appreciate your professionalism and you will also will reap the rewards of offering stellar EFT sessions.