Course Layout Of The Transformation Life Coach Training Course

The Transformation Life Coach Training Course is a Powerful Combination of Life Coaching Methodology’s, Transformation Coaching Techniques, Neuro-Science, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Physics, Advanced Positive Psychology, Success Mind Set Strategies and much, much more…

Our primary Intention with our Transformation Life Coaching is to assist any person to quickly and effortlessly overcome any problem or challenge they might have in life or to get them to where they like to be.

You as a Coach can accomplish this by CHANGING their World Within with specific Transformation Coaching Techniques and Processes in a specific sequence during the Coaching Sessions. Once you have changed the World Within, or aligned it with the desired outcome, the World Without will automatically match up with that New World Within. “What within…so without.” You are welcome to read some of the testimonials, and then you will see what I mean.

“If we desire change in our outer world, we must first change our inner world – which means our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes. The majority of people struggle hard to gain any form of mastery of their world without (where they are, traumatic experiences, dis-advantages and much more), or to get their life in order. However, unless you get your inner world sorted out (the way you think and feel daily) and aligned with what it is you would like to experience in the world without, again and again, you will come across the same set of problems/issues and limitation in the world without!”

For you to be the person, you wish to be…you have to become it first!  Your beliefs must be in alignment with what you want to be!  That is why you need a Transformation Coach to help to identify all the limitations within and replace it with empowering belief-systems to transform yourself.

Let me give you a very simple example:  You are telling yourself daily how you should re-organise your office but the more you think about it, the less you feel like doing it.  Daily you get reminded about how you should clean up this space but the more you want to, the less you feel like it.  That office will stay untidy does not matter how much you imagine it clean and tidy.  You can only do it the day you dare to tell yourself that I WANT TO do it and then change your feelings and attitude. When your feelings and attitude change, your behaviour change.  You will do things differently and also have a much more positive outlook on life.

Discover how you will Create Instant Trust and Agreement with your Client with our 14 Proven Rapport Building Techniques

  • Instantly switch into a mutual understanding with your Client or anyone you choose.
  • Increase your sensitivity to body language.
  • Use your Body Language in a specific way to get your Client to unconsciously Associate Positively with you and create Instant Trust and Agreement. Using this technique will help your Client to open up to you, so you can have a deeper meaningful impact helping them.
  • Learn how to identify the use of your voice tonality to Build Rapport. (Even on the phone)
  • Create instant liking when communicating with friends, relatives and even people you do not know.
  • Learning Rapport is the ability to build a Bridge of Harmony and Trust between people.

Sub-Coding - The Secret, Encoding & Decoding Software that the Subconscious Mind use to store and recall past experiences & mental conditioning.


(P.S. This is NOT Hypnosis. We do NOT use any Hypnosis in our Coaching)

Using this powerful technique, the Coach can decode a particular memory, experience or mental conditioning.  Once you have the code, you can change it into a better more empowering code and install the new more empowering code back into the Subconscious Mind. This technique is very useful for the following issues and much more…

  • Find out the internal encoding mechanism of your brain and take control of it.
  • Get rid of unwanted or destructive behaviours, like anger outburst, junk food eating, comfort eating…etc.
  • Help people to Stop minor addictions, like foods, beverages, mental addictions, emotional addictions and junk food addictions.
  • Deal with non-useful emotional responses to the world around you.
  • Help your Clients to love and accept themselves for who they are.
  • Move people comfortably through obstacles that are holding them back even during the coaching process.
  • STOP all Procrastination for Ever. Reprogram someone to take action on a task, project, exercise program and goals. Most people want to take action to achieve their desired outcomes. However, most procrastinate or find excuses why they cannot do it now. This is not because they do not want to; the problem lies in the Subconscious Mind. You see; the Subconscious Mind is NOT programmed to take these actions; therefore, the person must use a lot of “Will Power” to take these actions, and eventually, they run out of Will Power and therefore create excuses that end in procrastination. By utilising this technique, we can change the programming of the Subconscious Mind, and rather get the subconscious on board (instead of Willpower only), thus making it very easy for him or her taking the necessary action. (This will be a precious skill to have once you have decided to start coaching in the business world)
  • Reprogram someone to like an action; they currently dislike doing. Or you can reprogram them to dislike an action they currently like doing, but that action does not serve them in their life (it is destructive to them or other people).
  • Help your client to dislike unhealthy foods or drinks. Some people are eating unhealthy food, which is either making them overweight or affecting their health negatively. Using Sub-Coding, we can reprogram the Subconscious Mind to dislike that specific (bad) food, which will cause them never to want to eat it again. Some people cannot even look at that particular food again. If you want to specialise in health coaching, this will be a very powerful technique in your toolbox.
  • Get your Client to start liking healthy foods. This is a very powerful technique to help your Client to lose weight if they tend to live on junk food. For example; you might not like eating Broccoli, and you wish you did! Now, you can get the “Unwanted Coding” of eating Broccoli and change it into the same “Like Coding” of let say eating Chocolate or any other food the person like to eat!
  • Help someone do any task, action or internal process easier, which he or she currently find hard or frustrating to do. This is very powerful for all those “must do” or “have to do” task and actions we all find so hard to do.
  • Resolve any Trust issue with other people. (Some People do not even trust their Subconscious Mind)
  • Remember, any Obstacle that you encounter in your Client during the coaching sessions can be resolved by using this powerful Sub-Coding Technique.
  • P.S. If you understand the Encoding & Decoding of the Subconscious Mind (which we make sure you do), you will always get the desired results in your own life and that of your clients.

Learn This Powerful Transformation Coaching Technique Called: Bang Pattern™!!

This technique will help you to do the following for yourself and your clients:

  • Changing your client’s current Self-Image at a Subconscious level into a New Positive/Empowering/Confident Self-Image in less than 30 minutes. Why is it important? Your Self-Image affects every area of your life, NOT just your self-esteem. To fully understand the effect of what the Self Image has on every aspect of our life, read the book, “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Dr Maxwell Maltz. Once you have read it, you will understand how powerful the Bang Pattern™ technique is, and what it can do for yourself and your clients.
  • Change any unwanted behaviour into a new positive behaviour.
  • Installing new behaviours.
  • Break any unwanted habit and reprogram a brand new positive habit to replace it.
  • Reprogram brand new habits.
  • P.S. To modify or install any brand-new habit/behaviour into the Subconscious Mind will take the average person 30 days by doing it daily, using a lot of Will Power to do so. By using the Bang Pattern™, you can program/reprogram the Subconscious Mind with that brand new Habit or behaviour within 30 minutes or less.
  • Boost Self-Confidence Levels overall.
  • Boosting Self-Confidence Levels in specific situations where people normally have none. For instance, in Public Speaking, Sales, Presenting or approaching the Opposite Sex Installs and Ingrain a New Powerful Belief into your Clients Subconscious Mind.
  • Installs and Ingrain a New Powerful Belief into your Clients Subconscious Mind.
  • Installing a New Positive/Powerful/Successful/Confident Attitude.
  • Change a habit of negative thinking into a habit of positive outcome orientated thinking. Remember negative thinking is just a mental habit that we can change.
  • Program your Client or yourself, to eagerly take Action on all Goals.
  • Stop Overeating.
  • Stop Procrastination dead in its tracks. (Good to combine with Sub-Coding.)
  • Get any person Motivated on a Project or Task
  • The past week have been truly transformational for me. I feel like much of what I have gone through and done in my life, was leading me to this moment. So much has been re-aligned in my life and there is clarity in my mind and my heart about what I should do going forward. The areas of my life (and my past) that I kept running away from, have been healed and I can now truly stand up to be the person I always was meant to be. The Confidence and New Self-Image that I have embraced is already a reality. I see my life with a new level of appreciation and great excitement about the future.

    Thank you, Burk & Isobel, for sharing yourselves in such a genuine and authentic way

    Much appreciated
    Name Palesa Etsane Project Manager & Trainer

Revolutionary Proven Transformational Technique, to Stop All Mental Inner Conflicts called Inner Conflict Therapy™!!

All of us have a constant, internal ‘self-talk’ going on. Have you ever noticed that there are two (sometimes more) different little voices in a tug of war with each other?  For example, one voice says that you CAN do it, and another voice tells you NO you cannot. You will normally find that this negative or limiting part normally uses “doubt”, “fear” or “I am not good enough” to interfere with your Positive Mind-talk and actions. This is what is call inner conflict. Have you noticed that one is always optimistic and confident about everything, while another is consistently limiting, sceptical or plain negative about everything?

For example:

“I am not good enough and will not make it!”


“I am Great and Talented!”

Now, with this tug of war continuously going on in our mind, it gets tough to achieve our goals and aims in life. It causes incongruence inside of us, which stops us, from living our Full Potential.

Inner Conflict Therapy™ is a very powerful extraordinary technique that takes the client through a process where we finally silence the Limiting/Negative voice in a persons mind.  Once the negative voice is silent, we become congruent, one minded, and can easier achieve all our goals and life purpose effortlessly!

To understand what this will mean for yourself and your clients, just do yourself a favour and go and read all the testimonials on the Testimonial Page again to see what it did for other people in the feedback they gave us after the training. This technique alone will transform your life and your clients for the better. Every time I take a group of people through our training, I get dumbstruck to see how people can change in such a short period.

“All our Clients and Coaches, Rave about this technique! This technique will be your most powerful technique in your Arsenal. Words above can’t describe what it can do for you once it silences your negative/limiting voice that is always holding you back to live the life of your dreams and life purpose. You will become the person you always know you can be.”

Release all your Unprocessed Negative Emotional Gestalt Charges from your past with this Astonishing Powerful Transformation Coaching Technique called Negative Emotional Therapy

“Gain total control of your life and take back control of your emotions and thoughts”

Negative Emotions that are suppressed and unresolved will create much havoc in a person’s life. When out of control, it can cause damage in relationships, work environment and your health. If left untreated this can even cause depression. When you do not understand how your emotions serve you but instead dwell in a Negative State, you will ultimately stop yourself from Living your True Potential.

You will agree with me that you have had tens of thousands of events in your life where you experienced some form of Negative Emotion. Life is full of events that cause us to experience a negative emotion.

Did you know, when having a Negative Emotional Response or Feeling to anything or anyone and you did not deal with that emotion right there, your mind and body automatically store a Negative Emotional Charge (NEC) in your Neurology at a subconscious level? And the more you experience these negative emotional responses or feelings. The more of these Negative Emotional Charges (NEC) get stored and suppressed in the Neurology, will start forming chains of Negative Emotional Charge (NEC) which is called Gestalts.

Most Psychologists and Psychiatrists try to pinpoint the highly-charged events in a person’s life by using Psychoanalysis to seek to help a person get over it. To psychoanalyse everything will be a very time-consuming, exhausting and emotional draining process. You will have to go and visit every event in your life one at a time and talk about it - in the hope that you will let go of the NEC in the event.

Now, without getting too technical:  All Negative Emotional Charges (NEC) for a particular emotion like, for example, anger, starts to form a chain-like structure (called a Gestalt).

This Gestalt gets created in the mind & neurology from a very early stage in the body’s development. It continues to grow longer as we experience this particular emotion over and over again.

Each NEC in the chain of Anger is linked to a particular event. The longer the Chain of NEC’s of a particular emotion like, for example, Anger, the less control a person will have over this Emotional State when Anger gets triggered by some internal or external stimuli. The same principle applies to all the other Negative Emotions like Fear, Sadness, Hurt, Guilt, Shame, Frustrations, Hate, Doubt, Anxiety, Jealousy and a lot more.

Negative Emotional Therapy™ is a quick and effective technique that can help any person to release all those Negative Emotional Charges (NEC) on the events from the past for each particular emotion, one at a time. Once you release all the NEC’s on the major Negative Emotions, you will gain back control over your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you. This will increase any persons “Emotional Intelligent Levels” which is highly sought after in people when big companies hire new top management staff.

Negative Emotional Therapyä will also help you to stop thinking or living in the past and therefore, become more present in the moment, with a positive, optimistic outlook on your life and future.

Now if you can grasp what I just explained here, you will realise and see how powerful this technique will be in your Coaching Arsenal Toolbox to help yourself and your clients to live a more fulfilled happier life with a positive, optimistic outlook on the future.

For more details on Negative Emotional Therapy™ click the link below:

More Details on Negative Emotional Therapy™

Deleting any Negative or Limiting Belief with this Amazing Powerful Transformational Technique called Negative Belief Therapy

Beliefs are the Framework of who and what we are, what we are capable of achieving or NOT. Beliefs are the internal operating system of the mind that filters all the information from the outside world to create the internal experience of the outside world and our view of life and ourselves.

To put it blunt and straightforward; your Beliefs control everything you are experiencing right now. Everything, from your attitude, behaviours, habits, success, wealth, money matters, income potential, job potential, happiness, self-confidence levels, mental & cognitive capabilities, even your health and much more... (This is just a small list of what it controls.) We all have thousands of belief structures making up the framework of our lives and what we are experiencing every moment.

When someone sets out on a new path to better his or her life, or to become more successful, but their Belief System do not support it, or it is programmed in a negative way - that person can stand on their head, take all the actions from dawn to dusk, the person will never reach that outcome, no matter how hard he or she is trying.

This is very unfortunate if a person is not aware of how their belief systems can work against them. In our Transformation Coaching Systemä, one of our main focuses is to help the client to become aware of all these Negative, Limiting & Self-Sabotaging Beliefs that are working against them or that are holding them back.

Once we have identified all these Negative, Limiting & Sabotaging Beliefs, we will use the Negative Belief Therapyä to delete them, one at a time, and install a new Brand New Empowered Belief to replace it with.

Negative Belief Therapyä is a powerful phenomenal technique to use in Transforming your own life and the lives of your clients.

Remember, “Beliefs Create your Internal Reality”, and that is the ONLY reality that you can experience. Listen, you can only experience the world without (the world outside of your body), from within yourself (inside your head & mind). There is no way on this planet for any person to experience the world without, outside of themselves (their head). Think about this for a moment, and you will see that I am 100% right.

You see, all information from without, first passes through your filtering system in the Reticular Activation System. Within the Reticular Activation System, you have a bunch of filters that are filtering all information coming in through your five senses. Your biggest filter which affects all other filters is your Belief Systems. Thus, you will only become aware and experience what your Belief Systems allows you to see.

That is why it is of utmost importance that you have the skills to spot these negative, limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs in yourself and your clients. Once you know what they are, you can use the Negative Belief Therapyä to delete them and replace them with a Brand New Empowering Belief.

If you do not have these tools and skills, you are going to work yourself half to death and get nowhere. I do NOT want that for you or anyone else. That is one of my main reasons why I am so passionate to put these transformation coaching techniques and coaching system in as many people’s hands as possible.

Are you going to be one of them?

Effortlessly Let Go Of All The Charges On Any Traumatic Event With The Revolutionary Silent Technique

Discover how to free your client from an unwanted negative internal response to a specific past or present External Trigger due to a Traumatic experience. The reason why it is called the Silent Technique is that your client do not have to tell you any details about the Traumatic experience. First of all, this protects the client's privacy, and second, you as the coach do not have to sit with those mental images that your client experienced in that event, after the session.

To give you an idea; some people get a very negative emotional response when they see or hear the voice of a person. The person could have done something bad to them in the past, and now when they see that person or listen to their voice, all those negative emotions surface immediately. The Silent Technique™, purpose and job are to collapse all these Negative Emotional TRIGGERS of that traumatic event.

The same is with any person that was raped or sexually abused. Their sexual relationships can never be the same again. What happens to most of these people when they have sexual intercourse?  Well, most of the times, those same or some of those negative emotions from the traumatic event triggers within them. This causes a big problem in any relationship, and this person can never experience or enjoy sex the way they should.

To give you an example: One specific person that I helped with the Silent Technique™, was raped three times. The person has been going for all kinds of mainstream therapy and Christian counselling for 13 years, trying to resolve it. However, it did not work, and the triggers stayed there, firing off every time she had intercourse with her spouse.

They have been trying to get pregnant for over four years before I met her. Just over a month later after taking her through the Silent Techniqueä, she fell pregnant and today have a new member in their family.

Now, I do not know if this is inspiring to you. If not, then this training is probably not for you. However, when you are inspired by this story and would like to help so many countless people to get rid of their traumas they have been suffering for years or decades now, then this training is definitely for you.

I hope you are hearing me now. I want more Transformation Coaches out there in the world that can help people transform their lives from within and dump all that rubbish they have been carrying with them for so long.

This is my vision, and so far I have already numerous transformation coaches out there in the world transforming lives. However, there is still not nearly enough of them.

These are just some of the things you can help your client with using the Silent Technique™.

Domestic violence (Afterwards, you will no longer get anxious when someone raises their voice)

Sexual Abuse and Rape (The opposite sex does not make you feel uncomfortable)

Car Accident  (Driving or flashy light does not make you anxious anymore)

Hijack, Armed Robberies, Gunpoint, Shot…etc.

“The Silent Technique can be used for any Trauma.”

P.S. There is a lot of people suffering, and they seriously need your help. You as a coach will have a powerful technique to help them within 40 - 50 minutes by collapsing all these negative charges from that event and the negative charges on all similar or related events. What I mean here is that you do not have to do each event of rape one at a time. They are all the same type of events. You start with the severest, and the process follows through and collapses all the other rape events negative charges. Afterwards, the person can visit any of the other events and the things that normally trigger these emotional charges, and there will be ZERO negative charges left.

I know this might sound too good to be true. However, this is NOT conventional therapy, the Silent Technique™ works like a BOMB every time. So far I have used it on more than 100 people in my career successfully, and you will see me doing it first hand when you attend one of my Training.

Discover The Power Of What You Can Do For Yourself And Others With These 2 Amazing Transformation Coaching Techniques

  • Phobia Release Technique - Using this amazing technique, you can successfully get rid of any person’s Phobia in 45 minutes, no matter how severe the Phobia is.
  • Anxiety Eliminator - Using this very easy-and-fast-to-apply technique to get rid of any Anxiety you might have instantly, and at the same time influence the future event, as you would like it to play out. Once you understand what exactly Anxiety is, and why you are feeling it. You will easily understand why we can get rid of it so quickly with the Anxiety Eliminator. This technique is so simple, however, so powerful, that I want you to teach it to all your clients, and any person you care about.

Help Anyone To Love Themselves With The Incredible Unconditional Self-Love Technique

Changing someone’s current feeling for themselves to Unconditional Self-Love at a deep Subconscious Level. Most people love or like themselves only when they achieve something great or do something good. The rest of the time there is either no Self-Love or a bunch of negative emotions towards themselves.

This technique will get rid of any low-self-esteem or low-self-confidence that a person may have. The biggest problem with not having Unconditional Self-Love is that we cannot love other people unconditionally unless we learn to love ourselves unconditionally First!  Without any self-love, a person normally have self-sabotaging habits because they feel undeserving of any love.

Values – How To Elicit Someone's Subconscious Hierarchy Of Values To See If It Supports Them To Create The Life They Desire

“Values Are Our Driving Force in Life of What is Important to Us”

“We are driven by our highest values. Aligning your Subconscious Values to where you want to go in life (your Life’s Vision), will help you reach your goals and true-life purpose much faster.”

  • Learn how to elicit your own or someone else’s Subconscious Hierarchy of Values.
  • Find out how to change the structure of the Hierarchy of Values in the Subconscious Mind for it to be in alignment with your Life’s Vision for you to achieve it easily and effortlessly.
  • We place 80% of our focus only on our Top 8 Values. Make sure your Top 8 Values are values that focus on what you want in life, so they can assist you to experience your Ultimate Life and Vision for yourself. Remember, whatever you focus on, expand. Make sure you focus on what actually matters to you.

Revolutionary Success Strategies & Life Empowering Coaching Fundamentals!

  • Eighteen very powerful Presuppositions Of Success. These 18 presuppositions of success are the mindset and strategies of the world's greatest Coaches and Therapist in the past 40 years. By adopting these mindset strategies, you will become a very successful coach. Another great thing of these Presuppositions of Success is that they can easily apply at work, at home, and in any social environment, and therefore, become more successful in all areas of life.
  • Learn exactly how you can systematically ask powerful questions to get to the Root Causes of the presenting problem...
  • A brand NEW way you can near-effortlessly help people let go and change their Old Outdated Paradigm of the World into a more Resourceful and Empowering Paradigm (WITHOUT learning any complicated theories, complex personality boxing systems, or the need to study for many years!)
  • The Power of Belief and Faith; learn how to utilise it on a daily basis in your life.
  • Find out how to start living from the Heart and not just the head.
  • Understanding the Power of Intention and how it can Empower your whole life, for the rest of your life.
  • Learn how to un-program yourself from old programming and old paradigms that are holding you back so that you can start living Consciously every day.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Quantum Physics and how it can Empower you to take control of your life and your reality.
  • Understanding the Law of Vibration, which states that “like vibration attracts similar or the same vibration” and how it affects every second of your life. Remember, your vibrational frequency gets determine by your Emotional State. When you are in a Negative Emotional State, you will attract every second, only things of an inferior order that match that negative emotional state. However, when you are in a Positive Emotional State, you can only attract things and situations of a higher order into your life. If you do not understand this Law, applying the Law of Attraction as you might have learned, will not work. Learn how to start using the Law of Vibration to your advantage to create the life of your dreams.
  • You will get a deep understanding of the Levels of Consciousness. How being in negative consciousness levels can destroy your life, and how being in higher consciousness levels (like the consciousness level of love) can liberate you. You will learn how to raise your consciousness level so you can completely free yourself from the bondage of everyday life, to experience the abundance of life, which is your birthright.
  • We will teach you everything about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration, and how it interacts with your Subconscious Mind. Most teachers and trainers of the Law of Attraction never explain this, because they do not specialise in the inner workings of the Subconscious Mind. The inner workings of the Subconscious Mind are our Speciality, and we are excellent at it!
  • Learn how to start thinking only Outcome base instead of Problem base.
  • Understanding the 6 Core Human Needs and how it affects our behaviour.
  • The fundamental internal processes to follow, so you can get anything you choose to have, as long as you follow these principals by the letter.
  • The Secret of how to have exceptionally high Energy levels.
  • How to strategically use your mind and emotional state to Master the Law of Vibration & the Law of Attraction to work in your favour all the time. Remember these Law’s is always working, it is universal God created laws. You can NOT turn it off. It can work for you or against you. Master the strategies to get it to work for you all the time.
  • How to use our Subconscious Reprogramming Coaching Techniques to start tapping into your Powerful Subconscious Mind so it can work for you to help you get what you choose to have or choose to experience.
  • We have a whole health section in the training of some of the most secret health principals and strategies in the world. By applying these simple health strategies and principals in your life, your energy levels, and health will increase exponentially. Since I have been applying these simple health strategies, I have more energy, mental clarity and better health today than I had as a teenager or in my early twenties.
  • As a Bonus in our training, you will learn a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  EFT has proven itself time and time over again worldwide as a very useful technique to resolve stress, stress-related problems, emotional overwhelm, health problems, pains and much more…
  • The average person has about 70 000 thoughts per day. That makes it impossible to monitor whether these thoughts are moving you “towards your ideal life” or “moving you away from it”. You will learn a very powerful way that will help you to monitor and therefore become more consciously aware, whether your thoughts are creative (towards what you want) or destructive (towards what you do NOT want). Once you have that awareness, you can change these thoughts that are “towards what you do NOT want” quickly and effectively “towards what you do want”.
  • Everything in your world is base on your Perception. You can ONLY perceive life from within. We will teach you how to change your perception; so that you can change your experience of the Outer World and your Relationships with the people around you. You will also learn how to become aware of your perception of yourself and how to change it into a more positive Perception. Remember whatever you perceive yourself to be; you are projecting onto the world, and the world will treat you only according to your Perception about yourself.
  • Learn how to empower yourself and other people by getting on the Cause side of life, instead of living on the Effect side of life, which is very disempowering.
  • How to utilise the emotion of Love to live in Harmony with your surroundings.

The Effect Of Your Driver Focus Filter In Your Life

We all have this one dominating question which we ask ourselves daily or even hourly. This one dominating question we call a Driver Focus Filter, and all the information that you receive through your five senses go through this Filter for processing. Depending on what your current dominating question is, all the data first passes through this Filter where it gets Deleted, Distorted and Generalized according to the focus point in your question.

The information that you consciously receive after the filtering process will limit you to only what you question is all about. Now, this may sound all good to you, but the problem is that most people ask themselves a negative or limiting question which impacts their lives in a negative or limiting way. To give you are an example of what some people ask themselves regularly:

“Am I good enough?”

“Will I make it?”

“Am I equipped to do this?”

“What if it does not work?”

“Can I do it?” 

Now, these are all negative questions, however, don’t think because you are asking yourself a positive question that it is serving you?  In most cases, it is pushing you away from what you want, because the result and focus on the question are to doubt and limit yourself.

We will teach you how to elicit your current Driver Focus Filter. Then show you how to change your Driver Focus Filter from one focus point to 8 different focus points. These focus points will be your top 8 things that you desire to have and experience more of in life.

Here are some examples of what you might like to focus on in life:

Inner Peace, Joy, Love, Success, Abundance Of Wealth, Enlightenment, Energy, Knowledge, Wisdom, Motivation, Self-Worth, Appreciation, Recognition, Control, Inner Power, Self-Knowledge, Inner Freedom, Self-fulfilment, Personal Growth, Patience, Self-Acceptance, Respect, Self-respect, Opportunities, Vibrant Health, Spirituality, Self-Confidence, Independence and Freedom.

Would you like to have more of some of these things? You can, once I help and teach you how to align your Drive Focus Filter to see and experience more of them.

So far, I have personally achieved everything that I have programmed into my New Driver Focus Filter.

Create The Future You Always Wanted, Today!

Yes, build the future You want:

  • Understanding your Subconscious Mind and how it shapes your future.
  • Learn how to visualise your future, so it is more compelling, motivating and exciting for you.
  • Find out how to program your Goals into your Subconscious Mind. Remember the Conscious Mind is the Goal Setter, and the Subconscious Mind is the Goal Getter! Get your Subconscious Mind on board in helping you to achieve your goals. You will see clear proof of this on your last day in your training.

Startling Ways To Control Your Feelings And State Of Mind With Guaranteed Results

The proven powerful technique will let you:

  • Be in command of your internal emotional state rather than being controlled by it.
  • Set up a personal trigger or stimulus which can move you in a particular direction or state like happiness, confidence, energetic…etc.

The Transformation Coaching System™

  • During your training, you will go through the Transformation Coaching System™ and experience the transformation first hand for yourself. In this way, you will be Free from all your Limitation, Mental & Emotional Baggage so you can effortlessly help and empower other individuals. Remember, a Transformation Coach always leads by example.
  • The Transformation Coaching System™ will guide you step-by-step on how to help yourself and any person with a presenting problem and guide them to the outcome they desire.  By following the step-by-step processes that we have laid out for you, you will be able to handle any problems your client presents to you with amazing confidence.

Eleven Proven Principles For Achieving Your Goals Effortlessly, Which You Can Start Using The Moment You Enrol In This Training

  • We will teach you, why you can easily achieve certain goals, but other goals just keep staying out of your reach no matter how hard you work or take actions towards it. Once you know the reason, you can easily start removing these blocks that have been sabotaging you from achieving these goals effortlessly.
  • Learn a revolutionary new step-by-step goal formulation method, so you can always achieve any goal you set.
  • Discover how to ask the right questions to your clients, so their goals become free from confusion or ambiguity.
  • The Powerful “Goal Achieving System™” that you can follow after you have set and formulate your goals. This System keeps you on track and therefore, enable you to achieve your goals much faster. This system has helped so many of our Trainees, who have followed it by the letter while busy going through the Transformation Coaching Pre-Study Course, to get the funds for the Second Instalment and attend their Advanced Practical Training.

Learn To Use Your Language Effectively, So All Communication To Other People Are Clearly Understood

“The words you use, meaning your language, indicates your intellectual attributes and your characteristics. Do you know when and how to use them effectively?”

In the “Using your Language Effectively” Module, you will learn:

  • The words we use choose unconsciously. However, they have a special meaning for each person.
  • Easily recognise the best words to use, so all your communication is clear and understood by your client, and in the workplace.
  • Customising your speech to achieve instant acceptance, and wavelength communication with any person.
  • Getting to the cause of problems, easily and effectively.
  • Reframe people’s sentences back to them to help them make the relevant changes within themselves.

Understanding The Representational Systems And How To Utilise It In All Your Communication

We use our five senses to represent the information obtained from the external world internally.

The representational system will help you:

  • To become aware of how our five senses are represented internally in the nervous system.
  • Discover how, what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste influence our physical response (whether we are consciously aware of the process or not).
  • The different preferences people have in how they use their five senses to process information internally. We will teach you how to match this to create Instant Rapport and agreement.
  • Identify and learn how the movement of the eyes reflects a person’s real thoughts.

The Basis Of Life Coaching.  Learn The Fundamental Assumptions On Which We Base Our Lives

  • Basic beliefs that will allow you to begin to choose the empowering Mind Mastery model and leave behind the disempowering Mind Servitude model.
  • Identify and take control of the intricate connections between your mind, emotions and your behaviour.
  • The clearest and easiest models of how people learn, communicate, change, and evolve.

An Amazing Set Of Business and Marketing Recourses

  • Starting your brand new profitable Coaching and Mentoring business from scratch.
  • A step-by-step marketing program to market your new business online and offline.
  • How to build your professional website just like mine by using this very easy to understand user-friendly software.
  • How to Search Engine Optimise your website to get to the first page of Google in your particular Niche.
  • And much more. Have a look at all the bonus courses that you will get in the “Course Breakdown” or “Bonuses Tab”.

The Life Coaching Fundamentals

  • What Is Coaching?
  • The impacts of Transformation Life Coaching
  • The Value of Transformation Life Coaching in Business
  • The Value of Transformation Life Coaching in a client’s Personal Life
  • What Kind of People wants Life Coaching?
  • Qualities in People who want Life Coaching
  • How People Benefit from Life Coaching
  • What is a Coach?
  • Practising what you preach as a Coach
  • Discover & Defining Your Niche Market
  • Mission Statement
  • Life Coaching Business Model
  • Getting Started with Your Client
  • Listening Skills
  • Backtracking (Aligning with your Client)
  • Assessing the Client
  • Getting Started with a Client
  • Representing the Present State or Challenge
  • Setting the Goal or Desired Outcome
  • The Backbone of Coaching: Feedback and Feed-forward
  • Developing a Plan of Action
  • Accountability
  • The 4 Fundamentals to Transformation

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