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Faith: The Invisible Life Coach

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

There are times when we are at our lowest and become frantically in need of all the right answers. Even just how much we try to think straight, we are so overwhelmed by our difficulties that we enable it to just fade us far from our ability of being a thinking being. We catch the blues of anguish when we have nothing supporting us.

We lose belief in ourselves. We need somebody or something to bring us from the dark, lest we accept death. When all else fail, we are held by one last effort to maintain our sanity. An entity we can not even see or touch or hear, we call it faith– the unnoticeable life coach.

We depend on many things in order to live peacefully and in consistency of ourselves and with others. According to Maslow, a theorist throughout the 2nd War of the nations stated that there are levels of motivation which drives a man to be efficient and positive.

Humans start with the fundamental Physiological needs like food and shelter, then looks for safety with socializing, then looks for love and belonging from the social team, then proceeds with self esteem safety from the result of the previous 3 items, then reaches the peak of harmonious human thinking which is self-actualization, being able to integrate all the areas of requirements into the self.

It holds true that man has a method to gather these demands and actually make it his basis for self contentment, just one major flaw in this is the possibility of a deficiency in getting all these which results in a breakdown of the whole hierarchy of needs and puts the individual back in the shadows of gloom.

Though the first 5 needs are ever present for the individual to collect and incorporate, it needs a binding base and a holding leading layer. Whenever the hierarchical requirements crumble, the person can still hold on to a thin just resilient layer to work his method back up, and when he has the ability to reconstruct till self-actualization, he is able to hold it in location with the exact same layer.

This is where faith comes in. A durable belief in the hidden and believing that it will keep peace of mind in place is something even more than self-actualization as it exceeds typical human reasoning and concrete understanding.

The souls alternate type of fuel

We have found out to rise above the ashes time and time again. Others may have failed and allowed themselves to be damaged entirely. Yet till we are breathing, we have the capability to turn things around and hurl ourselves back into wellness.

We are provided a mind to think about what to do, a heart to keep us strong against cynical events, and a body to do the necessary activities. The soul is the collective being of our mind, body, and heart. It can still exist with an absence of the various other, and is seated in the mind.

This modified existing entity no one sees drives each one of us to just exist. We do not see, hear, hold, or comprehend it, just we understand it is there. We understand that each of our souls require its own inspiration, and it requires a fuel which is ethereal to match the ethereal life of our spirits.

Faith, amongst all others is the belief that we could hang on to when the material world fails us. Faith is the meals to our soul to keep our many standard presence in place, could it be with something, a divine being, or other hidden things. It takes part in our day to day living simply like a life coach, just this time; it is invisible, yet stronger than other life coach that we could encounter.