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How to Use NLP Submodalities Efficiently

NLP teaches us the talent of manipulating our submodalities to produce empowering benefits. Submodalities can also be manipulated in methods that could aid us kick bad routines, adopt excellent habits and change unhealthy likes and cravings into dislikes.


For instance, an unceasing craving for ice cream can be transformed into a sturdy dislike for ice cream by simply working with the submodalities that encompass the “seeking” and “consuming” of ice cream. We would start off with trying to figure out the individual’s favorite modality (visible, kinesthetic, auditory and many others) by asking him to talk about his craving for chocolate. The next step, would be to manipulate and adjust the submodalities of image a single with that of image two in these a way that would make the individual think of the canine poo every single time he craves for chocolate. For instance just before asking him to describe the image of the pet dog poo,  question him to retain the picture of the canine poo in the far.

And when you are modifying the submodalities of picture one particular (the chocolate) with that of image two (the pet dog poo), inquire the specific to deliver the picture of the dog poo up close and move the picture of the chocolate into the far.


For illustration, inside the visible modality, there are submodalities of brightness, length, measurement and shade etc. We as human beings not only have favored “modalities” but in fact we also have favored “submodalities” in every modality.


If  you have a photo of an unpleasant experience (visual modality) in your brain then you can decide on to take any aspect of that picture (submodalities) and use it to de-intensify the linked pain that that experience triggers – for instance, you can adjust the visual picture from bright to darkish, from huge to tiny and from colored to black &amp white.

Changing these things will drastically decrease the intensity of the discomfort that that unpleasant picture triggers.