NLP Courses in South Africa

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Neuro Linguistic Programming is currently high in demand – especially for those people that are running their own business or employed in top positions.

The amazing thing about NLP Courses is that you can use your Neuro-Linguistic Programming in almost any kind of career, business and coaching.  The methodologies of NLP are created to expand our knowledge, view and understanding of people’s behaviors, mind-set and thinking patterns.

“This gives anyone major advantage when it comes to negotiations or any other communication and you will agree that in business and personal life we are always busy selling something – a product, service and most importantly ourselves.”

“Your most important sale is to sell yourself to yourself”

Communication is the most important skill to master because our daily lives are mostly the result of what we interpreted to ourselves, from the media, other people, in our working space and at home and therefore you will learn amazing skills on your NLP Course.

How we perceive our self, other people, the world, our family and friends are the result of how we filter and distort information through our unique set of values, beliefs and mind-set.

“For us to change everything around us we just need to change our filters and this is where NLP Courses give such great knowledge! You can magically have the tools to change your reality!”

The powerful advantages of doing a NLP Course are that you can easily become who you always wanted to be, because you will have the tools to help you in transforming yourself and life.

“To have great confidence in yourself, your dreams, your work and relationships will ultimately help you to achieve all of your goals much faster!”

  • In our Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses we help everyone to install super confidence because we give the tools to get rid of limiting, dis-empowering and unwanted Beliefs, Habits and Behaviours.
  • Every trainee will also learn and experience the art to recover within few minutes from past hurts, disappointments and trauma’s!

Why do so many people just live life on “default” and hope for a better outcome or something good to happen?  That is actually all they will ever do, because it is only when we take control and start living conscious in our thinking, feeling and daily actions that we will experience ‘Change’!

“At Transformation Coaching Academy we have perfected the art of Neuro Linguistic Programming through a unique combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Empowering Life Coaching Methodologies, Transformation Coaching Techniques, Neuro-Science,  Advanced Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, and Success Mind Set Strategies into a solid, proven and easy to understand, guaranteed, training program!”

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By signing up for our NLP Course, you will experience the amazing power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in one of our Live Training.

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NLP Courses In South Africa – Layout

Start living your dreams by discovering yourself and your true purpose in life.  At our Transformation Coaching Academy™ we train and certify people to make a success of everything they set their mind on. All our Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses are Accredited Internationally by ANLP and locally by COMENSA.

COMENSA Life Coaching Training Provider

After completing our training you will be Certified as a:

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Life Coach

Life Transformation Coach

Negative Emotional Therapy™ Practitioner

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For more details of what you will gain in our Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses, click on this Link: What is NLP