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Online Life Coaching – What Is Online Coaching and How Can You Use It?

Some coaches have now started to serve their customers by way of various online life coaching possibilities that weren’t available just a couple of years ago. For instance, they provide unlimited access by means of e mail, make use of solutions like SKYPE to interact with little groups and provide video instruction along the way.

This online life coaching strategy is clearly considerably diverse than face-to-face coaching or phone calls. As a result, it delivers a much distinct encounter for the client. At the identical time, this strategy can allow a coach the opportunity to: attain far more clientele in much less time potentially reduce their coaching prices to individual clients whilst generating much more income due to an improve in volume&#13

Though this is nevertheless relatively rare, several innovative coaches are creating technology a mainstay in their coaching practice. But some are simply supplying online life coaching as one of their a lot of coaching packages.

Although, we still recommend a single-on-a single interaction through the telephone (or voice-over IP) in our personal on the internet elite life coach training and certification, the world wide web can offer you some considerable benefits to coaches.

Interestingly sufficient, we weighed out these very same benefits when we started to take into account moving our Live life coach training and certification to an online platform.


For instance, when we moved our education from a live format to an on the internet learning platform, we were capable to let our students to watch the teaching more than and over. So if a person wanted to dig in deeper on a particular topic or if they forgot a certain approach, they could go back and review the video once more and once more. That wasn’t something that was an alternative for students who attended a reside occasion.

In the identical way, some coaches are making use of this technique in their practices to make video recordings of some of their teaching or as they are walking through a certain method. Then they give their clientele access to the videos whilst they are operating with each other. Equivalent to our coaching, this permits a coaching client to go back and watch their coach assessment a concept as numerous times as they want or require to.


1 of the benefits our life coach training students enjoyed when we moved our coach education and certification online was that it was available when they wanted it. So if somebody wanted to dig into a module after their little ones had gone to bed, they could do it. Of if they were an early bird and they wanted to overview a strategy at 6 am, they could hop on their computer and dive into the content.

In the same way, coaches that have began to offer more on-line possibilities, have also been capable to expand their availability to their consumers. For instance, instead of offering set coaching calls, one effective connection coach delivers 24-hour access to her customers via e-mail. Yet another organization coach delivers limitless email access among the hours of 9 am and 4 pm.

NOTE: This can genuinely be something that sets a coach apart, but this method can also be hard to boundary. So if you consider this as an alternative, you will need to have to determine on a approach that performs greatest for you and your schedule.

As a side note, we don’t advocate limitless access to our program’s graduates due to the fact it can turn out to be daunting to try to maintain up with emails coming in at all hours. However, there is an additional choice that can offer you your consumers 24-hour access to your concepts and get them answers to their queries.

Online Neighborhood

This option is providing your consumers with access to an on-line community.

For example, when our students are going through their instruction, each and every module invites them to leave comments, questions and recommendations for the rest of their understanding pod to study and engage in. As a result, a lot of further understanding can happen by the students sharing their suggestions. We nevertheless participate in the conversations, but we want the students to connect and find out from every single other also and the on-line community component makes it possible for for that.

An innovative coach wanting to produce connection and offer some sort of 24-hour access to their customers could construct a easy membership-based on-line neighborhood using a platform like This would enable coaching consumers to talk with each other and share ideas and encouragement. Plus, it would allow the coach the help their clientele via direct communication and access to a like-minded neighborhood.

Lastly, a coach who develops a simple but active on the web neighborhood inside a membership website, could also improve their potential to support their customers as effectively as provide an further stream of income for their coaching practice.

Revolutionary APPROACHES

Incorporating new technology and revolutionary approaches to a coaching practice can be thrilling. But due to the ever-growing number of possibilities, it can also turn into overwhelming.

For instance, when we moved our education and certification online, there were limitless possibilities. As a outcome, it was vital that we create a strategy. We had to make a decision which choices we were going to incorporate quickly and which we have been going to need to have to contain in future versions of the coaching.

This way, we could get our core information out to the individuals who need it and do it in a affordable amount of time. Then we had been able to grow the training from there.

As a outcome, we now have an on-line studying platform that contains:

24-Hour access to students&#13
High definition video and audio&#13
Participant guides in PDF format&#13
Downloadable coaching tools&#13
MP3 interviews with industry experts&#13
On the web community&#13

We couldn’t supply all of this to commence with but over time we’ve been able to stick to our program and build an elite life coach training and certification plan that is unlike anything else in the industry.

In the same way, you can take a appear at some of the on-line options that are available to you as a coach and you can create a plan that would enable you to implement them over time.

As we wrap up this write-up, I’ll offer you you some queries that will assist you to develop your program.

1st: Is this the appropriate time to try to incorporate some on-line options into my coaching practice? (You could make a decision that you need to further create some of your other packages/deliverables initial.)

2nd: Which on the internet choices are the most desirable to me?

Skype calling?&#13
Video conferencing?&#13
On the internet group calls?&#13
Video teaching?&#13
Online neighborhood/membership website?&#13

What on the internet options seem to be the greatest fit for my best client? (See the list above)

How could I survey my existing / future clients on which options appeal to them most?

Which selection would be the ideal to begin with?

Who could assist me implement this?

When would I like to try to have a “initial draft” of this choice up and operating? (Set a date)

Those are some items to contemplate as you are deciding on regardless of whether to incorporate on the internet tools into your own coaching practice.

If you are nevertheless questioning if coaching is correct for you, we invite you to also join us for our Free course referred to as “The 5 Crucial Concerns Absolutely everyone Must Ask Prior to Launching a Coaching Practice by going to:

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