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I took in a lot of knowledge that was easy to understand and fun to learn. I let go of false beliefs about myself and grew a lot of confidence and self-love. This was very profound and an amazing part of the training. I am inspired to go out into the world and start making a difference one person at a time and spreading this light which has started buzzing a whole lot more. Thank you both.

Jarryd Taylor


This training has broadened my horizons in terms of overall possibilities in life. Now I know I can do anything I put my mind to. It has boosted my confidence and enables me to raise it in all areas of my life. The training showed me how to set my goals to align them with my values and then it put me in the right frame of mind to realise them all. They are all on paper, but in my mind I have achieved them all.

The Passion and the Love that the people in this Academy have for what they do has had a great effect on me. I am a successful Life Coach and I love it!!!

Godlief Ramanaledi – Pastor


Thank you Burk for all the energy and knowledge you poured out into us.  Course content is excellent, and with the privilege to have experienced it first hand, I feel empowered in many ways to put this into action!  Thank you.

Maartin Strydom


Hi Burk

Ek wonder of jy ooit sal besef hoe waardevol jou kursus eintlik was/is!! Terugvoer kan soms oppervlakkig voel want woorde kan soms nie uitdruk hoe mens binnekant voel nie (words on their own just don’t give justice to the experience), maar ek gaan probeer! Ek gaan dit in Engels doen want dit is vir my maklikker om myself in Engels uit te druk – en dan kan jy dit ook op jou website sit as a testimonial vir ander om te lees indien jy sou wou!

Dear Burk

I just want to share with you some of my experiences in the workshop as well as what has happened in my life since the workshop ended two weeks ago:

  • Since resolving my intense internal conflict by using the Inner Conflict Therapy™ I have become calm, relaxed and a more “present” person. In the past I was always a nervous wreck and on my guard expecting bad things to happen at any moment. Now I am calm and take time to stop and smell the roses and listen to the singing of the birds. I used to be prone to “near accidents” all the time while driving – because most of the time I was never in the car – maybe my body was there but “I” was somewhere else! Now I find that I am fully associated and am always safe when I travel, no more potential accidents waiting for a place to happen! My friends always used to joke when talking to me by saying “this is Earth calling to Melanie – are you there?” No more need for that as I am fully present in the here-and-now!
  • I started to suffer with migraine attacks at the tender age of 10 – over the years my dependence on painkillers got way out of hand – so much so that on a bad day I would take up to 20 painkillers (not the over-the-counter schedule 1 type tablets, mostly prescription medication). Eventually things got so bad that I ended up going for pain blockers under anaesthetic as well every six months. Now only a mere two weeks since the workshop I have reduced my pain medication intake by about 80{6cd98a78a0bbfb9831f15dafc00d10e616da577cc722d5e71bfed7ec79a4aed5}! I have even had two 100{6cd98a78a0bbfb9831f15dafc00d10e616da577cc722d5e71bfed7ec79a4aed5} pain free days – in my eyes a miracle is happening! I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome 8 years ago. Today I have to pinch myself to look for pain in my body – and I can find no trace of any symptom whatsoever! Needless to say that my goal of being 100{6cd98a78a0bbfb9831f15dafc00d10e616da577cc722d5e71bfed7ec79a4aed5} free of pain and the need for pain medication (as inscribed on my board of goals to achieve by the 3rd of October 2011) will be achieved!!!
  • I spent the past 20 years of my life doing daily affirmations to improve my self-image and thought that I had managed to achieve some kind of success. But on the day that we did the self-love and self-image exercises I got the shock of my life when I closed my eyes and “looked in the mirror” and saw only a blob of darkness! There was no indication or silhouette of a person, literally only a blob! Since the workshop my self-image has taken a 360 degree turn – and when I close my eyes and look at the picture of myself it is quite beautiful! Internal transformation second to none!
  • Before the workshop I found it incredibly difficult to speak in front of a group of people – now I do it quite comfortably and find that I am quite good at influencing/persuading people to see things from my perspective! Previously I struggled to get my point across, now I suddenly have a voice!
  • Previously I used to believe that my subconscious mind was there to sabotage me – for example if I wanted something and then had a bad dream about it, I took it to mean that I didn’t deserve to get what I wanted. Now I know when I have a disappointing dream, my subconscious mind is telling me that I am not dreaming big enough or I am not being persistent enough or I am not making myself clear enough in terms of what I am asking the universe for! She is truly my ally and business partner!
  • On the day of our board breaking I was awfully disappointed that I didn’t “get it right the first time”. I practiced so hard in my mind’s eye and believed I would have perfected it but at the last minute I changed my strategy. I don’t know why I did this and was completely overwhelmed with emotion afterwards. By going back into my time line with Isobel I found an earlier disappointment at the age of 6 that I had never come to terms with which somehow also did not surface on the day that we did the Negative Emotional Therapy™. I asked my subconscious mind why it had to happen the way that it did. I got the most amazing answer – she reminded me that when I came to the workshop I had asked for the chance to work with and be set 100{6cd98a78a0bbfb9831f15dafc00d10e616da577cc722d5e71bfed7ec79a4aed5} free from all the baggage that was holding me back. This was regarded as my overriding request – so she happily obliged – as this request was far more important than the request to help me in breaking through the board. So the lesson learned is that my subconscious mind always has my best interests at heart – she loves me and is there to give me gifts – and love always gives the biggest gifts!
  • I studied psychology to honours level at university and although this gave me some insight into understanding people including myself, there were never any real solutions to any of the problems. Psychology is problem driven and Life Coaching is solution driven. That’s the bottom-line for me!

With much love, light and laughter……



The life of Being and not just wanting or forever dimming has started to be my reality.  I see my congruency blossoming and overpowering a society that needs to believe that will take on the challenge of becoming whole again or for the first time reaching their intended Potential.  By integrating the process of change with my religious (LIVING FAITH) I received an abundance of blessings that will forever flow through my timeline with a fierce Joyful power.  Living without this power means just never being transformed and that is not life at all!  Thanks

Hilde Uys – Psychologist


The Life Coaching Course has been a gateway to great opportunities.  The last couple of days have been truly Transformational in my personal life, career and future opportunities.  It has unleashed my personality.

Thank you Burk and Isobel.

Nokuthula Kumkani


Most impressive and amazing training I have been on.  I am empowered and confident and know that the sky is the limit for me now.  Nothing will stop me from achieving my goals.  I am more determined and goal oriented.

Thank you Burk and Isobel for a new lease of life!

(One month later:  “I am driving the Sports Car I always wanted, because – for the first time I know that I deserve it and I also know I CAN!”)

Tanya Denton


When I walked into this course I was an extremely negative person.  I had no self-love and extremely low self-esteem.   I am walking out with and amazing positive attitude and outlook on life.  I now have great tools to help me get through any challenge.  I respect and love myself and because of this I am full of confidence!  Lastly breaking the board proved that if I am focused I can do ANYTHING!  My mind is the most powerful thing I have!

Anisa Khan


This was the most enlightening course I have attended in many, many years.  It changed my life and given me hope for the future.  I am excited about my future.  Thank you so very much.

Deidre van der Merwe


Just finished your Life Coach Training Course. Wow what a rush! The five days passed so quickly. Each day I learnt more about myself, how my brain works and how to help others achieve the life style of their dreams.

Congratulations on a well-structured, well presented and life changing course.


A week has passed since doing your course, I thought you may find it interesting to know how your course has impacted my life.  At the end of your course I felt a deep sense of calm and relaxation in my inner being. The inner conflict had disappeared and I had discovered a new found energy I have not felt in many a year. No longer do I procrastinate but act decisively and am focused in my actions. I have noticed that my relationships with family and friends has grown closer. No longer do I get angry at stupid driving – in fact anger has gone and I don’t know where to find it. And the techniques you teach they work like a bomb, as I discovered when I spoke to a friend who was depressed, and after a 2 minute exercise  he was excited and looking forward to his day. And what is amazing is that this all happened telephonically, it was not pre planned but happened on the spur of the moment.

Thank you for equipping me with the knowledge and skill to grow and help others reach their full potential. I will see you soon to do your advanced course.

Willie Dutton


Dear Friends,

What a privilege to have met each and every one of you!  Under the watchful eye of Burk and Isobel we have grown so much in such a short period of time.

After experiencing these new and growing friendships and the feeling of belonging to a group of people with wide open visions, reality “out there” sometimes comes as a shock – the outside world tends to be so ignorant, so unforgiving and so downright stubborn.   Which let me realize once more that each one of us have a huge task of going “out there” and be the change we want to see.

Apart from the amazing things we all experienced during the course, I believe you all have a story to tell as to what happened to you after the course.  To me the course was just short of a miracle, what happened after the course – well it IS a miracle and I’d like to share some of the changes that took place in my life.

I can remember that one of my “issues” Froneman and other coaches helped me with is the nasty habit of procrastination with specific reference to keeping my office space neat and as far as possible, paper-free.  I can remember that while doing the Bang Pattern on Sunday, deep-down inside I really hoped that this will “do it” for me.  Well, it did.  By late Monday afternoon my office was sorted out and I could declare myself the winner of the paper-war I am fighting.

Even on the health side I have made some changes:

  • I now have a huge dispenser of Oasis water in my office;
  • I purchased “a can of the best” in terms of minerals made of volcanic rock and ash (which by the way tastes  uhhhhh, but as Burk said if you believe… then you will drink it – even if you have to force it down) 🙂
  • I paid a visit to the health store and now have a variety of nuts and dried fruits in my office.  Popping a nut or two also helps to kill the nicotine crave.

So, slowly but surely I can see my life is changing for the better. Fact is I already experience a huge improvement in my levels of energy.

Which brings me to the last point I want to make – my personal belief is that gratitude starts the miracle process.  The reason why I mention this is because I am truly grateful to each and every one of you with whom I had the opportunity to share a part of my life with.  Thanks for your effort in coaching me.

Last but not least: Burk & Isobel, you are amazing! Thank you so much for the tremendous effort the two of you put into the training.

To all of you – have a blessed day and be a blessing to others – that’s the true gift we can share with every one crossing our paths!

“Vrede vir julle”

Maartin Strydom


Hi Burk and Isobel

Been meaning to drop you a mail to say a massive WOWEE and huge THANKS for such an incredible DVD Home Study Course!!!!

We are engrossed in the Home Study, and it has already expanded our awareness greatly, of the things that we deal with daily and conversations we have with others. The whole world is actually looking different to me!!!!

Very excited about the possibilities that await us as we move through this amazing experience.

Looking so forward to your Live Training event soon.

Much love and gratitude,

Galaxy and Didier


Hi Burk

Been a really long time, I wanted for something good to happen before contacting you. Wow! What a journey has it been. I expected everything to be perfect and good after the training, but that was just the beginning of healing. I have discovered so much about myself and learnt so much about myself. Every day there is always something to discover and learn.

I am so grateful for your help, it’s exactly what I needed and it’s been such a blessing. I have started my own practice and SABC 1 has offered me a job to work as a resident career coach on one of their shows and I have done a small write-up for a good magazine. I am excited about the future because I know there’s more to come. I also work with people suffering from depression since it’s something I had to overcome myself, even though I have not met them yet I know they are on their way and lots of them.

Say Hi to your beautiful wife and may the Lord continue to bless you more and more.

Bontle Matuludi – (Star Within Coaching)


Thank you for the email and the content thereof. And, thank you for the Life Coach Training Course that you guys have offered. I liked the enthusiasm and your commitment in all aspects. Your training is worth more than the fee I paid and you guys made me reach the stage whereby I could not ask for more because you kept me going and you kept on sharing tirelessly from the first day until the last.

Kind regards


Burk and Isobel, thank you so much for allowing me to attend the refresher course.  It left me feeling even more positive and excited about the extraordinary experience a few months ago…inspiring me to help transforming society to have a new sense of direction and purpose.  You are remarkable!

Marinette le Roux


Life will never be the same again!!!

It has definitely boosted my confidence and I got rid of hidden fears.  This is life transforming for me, I believe.

I strongly believe that this is the beginning of a journey for me and that I will live the excitingly fulfilling life that I’ve searched for, for so long desperately.

My world has changed and I’m living my new life!

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Deria van Wyk

This training made me see life in a totally different light.  It changed me in ways I never thought I could change.  I see my future more clearly now, I have good direction and I am able to guide myself in that direction.  I am so filled with emotions that I didn’t feel before and I feel so empowered to continue empowering others.  I now believe that I can do anything that I want to do and be anything I want to be.  I met a lot of wonderful people who added value to the person I now am.  I also felt so empowered by meeting Burk and Isobel.  Isobel is really a phenomenal woman with such an inspirational personality.  This course went beyond expectation.  I feel whole and filled with love.  This was really an experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life and I intend for our paths to cross again.  God bless you guys for sharing your knowledge and making this world a better place or the best it can be.

Nersiha Naidoo – Senior State Advocate


The Training was awesome; it gave me the tools to believe in myself that I am loving, stunning, awesome and great.  The limitations of which I now change to see as challenges are only there to measure my success and commitment to keeping growing and bettering myself through every challenge.  Thank you Burk & Isobel for a week that I know have already changed my entire life.

Shenka Doherty


It gave me the tools I had been looking for to assist other people with their stumbling blocks and it sorted out my own at the same time.  Really enjoyed the way the course was presented in such an Authentic, Clear and Easy to understand manner (no pompom ceremony – just excellent results).  Burk – Excellent teacher not only because he has the knowledge but because he applies all of the knowledge and make it easy to understand. Isobel – An absolute Angel.  She made such a positive difference. Renier – Great help and support.  He was always available to help out.  Thank you!!

Christopher Drummond


Dear Burk and Isobel. If I was to describe and Adam and Eve on earth then it would be the two of you in the most beautiful of ways. You generate light everywhere you go and all around you. I want to thank you both for the amazing tools that the gift of  Life Coaching has done for me and I am already opened up to all the new possibilities in my life and all I can say for now…THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!

Love, Leila Awale – Mombasa, Kenya


It was a whole new experience to me. I planned to come here for learning, but never imagined how I could be changed positively. I learned a lot of amazing skills to help people in my career as a Social Worker. I now have the courage and burning desire to recommend Transformation Life Coaching to people out there, because the majority of Social Workers do not know the power of Transformation Coaching Techniques in combination with Life Coaching. All the techniques learned will serve as an investment. My career for some reason has been enriched.

Samson Sameul Khoza


Thank you, I must say that the course has made me realise a lot.

For example:

  • The timeline exercise for visualisation in sport is excellent.
  • The programming of a goal- using the timeline once again.
  • The creation of pictures with sound and feeling really helps me in my professional sport.
  • The bang pattern for confidence and self- image.
  • Many more but I’m not going to give away my secrets now.

I have coached two players who are currently playing in France and compared to previous years they have done extremely well and have said that the process I have used has been advantageous to them.

Thank you and regards,



Hi Burk en Isobel,

Wil net uit my hart uit baie dankie sê vir die aanbied van die Transformasie Coaching Kursus, was quite a journey maar very insightful en ek voel baie dankbaar vir alles. Ek gaan verseker die tegnieke implementeer en gebruik en ek verstaan uit die aard van my kennis rondom die psige en siekte en quantum physics baie dinge nou beter. Ek sien jou donderdag Isobel en ek sal my vraestel deurgee voor daardie tyd. Mooiste dag en baie dankie vir alles.




Hallo julle!

Baie dankie vir al die info. Ek swot nog een stryk deur van verlede week af. Daai CD wat julle vir ons gegee het, het die interresantste goeters op. Ek kan nie ophou lees nie!

Baie dankie vir julle vrygewigheid en die lieflike gees waarmee julle ander mense lei. Julle weet dit reeds, maar ek wil net bevestig dat julle dit veelvoudig sal terugkry. Dankie dat julle genoeg omgee om vir wildvreemde mense die pad te wys om hulle passion te kan uitleef. Julle het my gehelp om te onwikkel presies wat ek wou gehad het en ek sal dit nooit kan vergeet nie, want ek leef dit nou. Ek beplan om kontak te hou met julle, maar ek wou net dadelik dankie sê sodat julle kan weet hoe ‘n groot verskil julle maak.


Alida Pretorius


Came with great expectations, it exceeds it a 100 times!! This Certification will be of great support in my personal life as well as in establishing my business to help people in counseling and coaching.

Pieter de Bruyn – Counselor


It opened my eyes to the world of Transformation Life Coaching, the techniques are very practical and the trainer makes it easily understood with all his real life experiences as examples.  A good balance of serious learning and a lot of fun and humor!  Besides the coaching skill, I learned a lot of training and communication skills that will benefit me at work and my everyday life.

Hannie van Liebergen


The training transformed my life.  I came in looking to let go of emotional baggage and that I got right.  I also got empowerment.  I came out loving myself and equipped with ways/tools to take control of my life.  I can recommend for everyone who wants to be the driver in their lives.

Tumi Sibanda


The training was awesome.  I loved the different techniques I learned.  The practical application was very good in getting it ingrained in the subconscious.  I enjoyed how Burke handled all questions.  The training is a lifelong gift that I will cherish!!

Natasha Chetty


I would like to give special thanks for Burk – for his energy, humor and commitment.  I thoroughly enjoyed the last week, being focused on practical skills and techniques.  This has provided me with invaluable tools with which I can assist my clients.  At a personal level I found the experience motivating, uplifting, transformational and liberating!

Estelle Coetzer – Industrial Psychologist


Life Changing – absolutely amazing!!  Thank you, I will be back for further study.  The lessons were laid out in an easy to understand way and easy to implement in your life.  As I said – Life Changing!!

Marcelle Clarke


I enjoyed it very much and am fully equipped with tools to deal with all situations.  The training is a wonderful supplement and empowerment to my current skills as Counselor.

Johnny Grindeling – Pastor


The Transformation Life Coach Training was great!!! It moves me to a new level in my life and causes me too take back control in my life.  This training program was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life.  I now see a new empowering picture and feel ready for success, favor and joy I deserve.  For Burke and Isobel, Thank you for pouring so much in to me and I look forward to grow under your Mentor ship.

Timothy Lloyd


This was the best money ever spent and the best gift money could buy.  I feel great, energetic, I love myself more, I feel confident and now enjoy working and talking to new people (people I just met).  This was the best decision made and it made a real difference in my life.

Drusilla Robbetze


When I came to the training I only thought it was “life coaching” and I will be done.  Burk and Isobel have been amazing and when I was reading the testimonials, I didn’t believe some but the training has changed my life especially the information on Transformation Coaching.  I dealt with my issues and Burk helped me with my Phobia “Fearing Heights” and breaking the Board!  I have no words to explain what it did for me!!! Thank you and stay blessed.

Seipati Mosesi


For years now, I have been soul-searching, needing to know my life purpose.  I already had an innate feeling that I can help and transform people’s lives.  I didn’t have the skill nor the confidence or self-belief and this training has equipped me with all of the above and a whole lot more.  I transformed my whole life and have the skill, knowledge, confidence and belief that I can help transform all those that need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Leanne Pillay


I am on top of the world.  I came here to learn tools with life coaching but got so much more in return.  NOW, I know that I will be able to do anything and can accomplish my dreams without any doubt.  When I put my mind to anything it will be successful and I will project blessings into my life.  I can still keep on serving God and enjoy all HIS blessings while living the live He intended for me.  Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life.  Thank you Burk and Isobel – you are amazing people!!

Riana Vermeulen


Absolutely Brilliant!!!  Excellent; for removing Doubt, Fear, Anxiety and low self-esteem.  I will recommend this to anyone who has the desire to improve on his personal life. I have effectively had fear, doubt and low self-esteem removed – for Good!!

Theuns van Wyk


I came to the training with very set beliefs about what is possible and what is not possible.  I am leaving; knowing that all things are possible, when you believe!!

Ashley Marney


From feeling “Why not me” to feeling and believing “Yes, I can, I will and Have!”  I am no longer afraid of being alive, no longer worried about the future; I am no longer feeling that I cannot!  I have been transformed into the person I always knew I would become.  The real me that is able to accomplish anything.  Burk and Isobel are the most amazing trainers that teach and share with pure love and patience.  I thank God above for their gift and now it’s my gift:  I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Ruth Shimwanza


After having gone through this course, I believe that my future is very bright and I have so much to accomplish. I am now such a positive person and aim being a positive light to others. I now know what my purpose is and the steps to take in achieving my goals. This training is exactly what I needed to take the next step in my life. Burk and Isobel created an environment that allowed me to be myself, discover who I am and constantly reminded me that I have all I need in me to make a success of my life.

Thank You Burk and Isobel, you are such a beautiful light.

Bontle Matuludi


Hi Burk and Isobel,

First I want to thank you for an amazing course. Burk, you have connected things in the course I have never been able to do before, and by doing so activated my success mechanism for the first time in my 45 years! It feels as if my life only starts now and I am at long last able to achieve my true potential which I always knew I had. I just never could quite figure it out how to do it. Thank you for giving me the tools to absolutely reach the pinnacle of success! I feel absolutely liberated and I am so grateful I have decided to attend the Transformation Life Coach Training Course. Thank you very, very much my friend. And together with Isobel you form an amazingly powerful team! Keep on with your good work and God bless!

Frik Fourie – National Procurement Manager


This Training made me part bigger, free whole world that I always knew in my heart exist but never know how to access it or if it was accessible.  Knowing my purpose in life was not enough because it was not in a plain picture where I can say “I would die for this” now these words are in my heart.  I see with my own wide opened eyes.  The certificate (the paper) that is for the other people to have confidence in me, but my awakened mind and heart is what they’ll really get.  Now as for the Esterhuyse Team, there are no words……only my hearts emotions when I think of what you have given me, my family, my clients, a part of you which will be eternally with me.  THANK YOU! Thank you for each spoken word, Burk and Isobel. Thank you.

Ayanda Albia


This Course opened up a whole new world of thinking, working, operating and coaching.  The motivation, experience and concepts are all mind-blowing and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to better their own world!!

JP Taute


I attended Burk’s Transformation Life Coach Training Course in June 2011 and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The skills I learnt on the course have already changed my life and I am excited about moving forward with this newly exposed knowledge. Burk’s course offered comprehensive insight into the practice of Life Coaching as well as ample practical experiences leaving me completely confident in my ability to run through the skills I learnt. The learning material is extensive and the pre-course assignment ensured I got a good grasp of the content before starting the course. This was an enormous help as there was a vast amount of information that was covered over the eight days.

Not only did I finish the course with the skills to help myself and others in the future, but I finished leaving some of my major hindrances behind! The course was liberating and self-empowering! I am sure that my life will continue to grow in the direction I choose.

Burk was excellent in following up on my internet query and more than forthcoming with all the information I required to feel comfortable signing up on his course.

Well done Burk and Isobel!

Kind regards

Lara Coccuiti – Graphic Designer (BA Fine Arts)


It was a wonderful journey of discovering my real self, my subconscious mind and the effect of my vibrations on the ecology.  I shall never see other people, their behavior and their communication in the same light (as I did in the past) again.  Thank you for opening my soul, my mind and my future in such a warm and supportive manner.  Thank you for sharing your bliss with me.

Floris Bonthuys – Advocate


This was a fantastic, very convincing course.  This Course has given me a lot of hope for lasting change of long-held negative beliefs.  It brought a great feeling of calm and inner peace.  It has empowered me to help myself with issues that I thought were beyond help. I am now well equipped to continue helping myself and other people as a profession.

Trevor Hutton – South African Record Holder in “Free Diving”


Thank you for the empowerment in finding the real “Estelle” – I know who I am:  I’m acceptable and I CAN!!!

I am here NOW – to live Life!  I know I can make it happen!  I am going to live life to the FULLEST!!


Estelle Swartz – Circuit Manager


I discovered an infinite source of power inside me that I was able to unlock with the tools that you gave me.  This will enable me to not only live the life of my dreams, but also be able to help Others achieve it.  You have given me a priceless gift that I will always treasure and use to help transform as many lives as I can.  Thank you from my heart.

Alida Pretorius – HR Manager


I completed Burk and Isobel Esterhuyse’s DVD Home Study Life Coach training course and attended their 5 day live training and certification.  By working and going through the life transformation coaching program during the training myself, I have improved both my self-image and self-confidence. They empowered me and I have now taken the necessary steps in opening my own business as a successful Life Coach.

Burk and Isobel are always available to give honest, warm and loving guidance, advice and motivation. Together they facilitate an AWESOME life changing journey.

Maruschka Erasmus – Counselor


Wil net uit my hart uit baie dankie sê vir die aanbied van die NLP Training, was quite a journey maar very insightful en ek voel baie dankbaar vir alles. Ek gaan verseker die NLP implementeer en gebruik en ek verstaan uit die aard van my kennis rondom die psige en siekte en quantum physics baie dinge nou beter. Mooiste dag en baie dankie vir alles. Liefde



When I came here I expected great changes, and now the greatness has been exceeded.  I am so empowered with so many useful tools I can use in my life.  I can only say this:

“Thank you Burk and Isobel…you have changed my Life!”

Noline Brady


Brilliant!  Very well presented and I enjoyed the training very much!  Thanks for giving me the tools!

Froneman Jacobs


Beste belegging en keuse ooit!!  Het alles bevestig wat ek nog altyd vermoed het omtrent die potensiaal wat ek in my het!  Dankie Burk!

Anton Landman


Thank you SO much!  This was the best investment in myself so far.  Thank you for your sincerity and encouragement.  I feel “Wow”.  Looking forward to the Masters Programme!

Renee van Wyk


Baie positief – voel dat ek selfs nou in staat is om berge te versit!  Amazing…dankie Burk.

Eugene Maritz


Hierdie kursus het vir my deure oop gemaak wat ek nooit sou gedroom het moontlik kan wees nie.  Dis ‘n baie inspirerende opbouende en positiewe gevoel en leefwyse wat ek graag sal oordra aan die hele wêreld sodat almal positief kan wees.  Imagine die hele wêreld het hierdie kennis???

Baie dankie Burk en Isobel.

Gerda Maritz


NLP Life Coach Training was and is still…a very good investment for personal development.  It is uplifting, informative and provides a healing experience.  The method used is very effective and of world class standard.  It gives good practical experience and exposure.

Very highly appreciated.

Chris Kobi – Pastor


It’s opened my mind to unlimited possibilities.  It has helped me look at the positives in life.  I feel confident and alive!!  I have got rid of many internal conflicts I am aware of what matters and what I should focus on in life.  Thank you Burk and Isobel for changing my outlook on life!

Ameera Khan


It was absolutely awesome – Thanks!  I was able to transform so many negative beliefs into positive one.  Beliefs I did not necessarily think that was holding me back.  In 5 short days I already feel a beautiful change and I am grateful for deciding to do it.  So once again…Thank you so much!

Liani Broodryk.


Thank you so much!  It is liberating and empowering.  I feel equipped to take on the world.  I can’t thank you enough!

All the best!  May God continue to abundantly bless you!

Mirielle Swartz


It injected ENERGY, LOVE, PEACE, COURAGE, HOPE, JOY and GROWTH into my Life!  This course gave me my life backJ!  Thank you so, so much!

Tumi Mashego – Clinical Psychologist


This transformed my life.  I will be a leader in transforming others.  I will also be conscious about making choices.  This course has empowered me to set many goals and achieve it.

Thank you and God bless.

Dr. Shameema Khan


  • Provided me with skills on the application of the theories behind the power of the subconscious, beliefs and intention.
  • Gave me the proof (board braking) that if I identified the outcome of my goals and focus on it.  Results are not only inevitable, but they can come fast.
  • The skills to change what is in my subconscious and therefore playing itself out as my life and replace it with a new code (new me).
  • Created a network of like-minded people that I can call upon for support, upliftment and collaboration.

Thank  you Burk and Isobel.

Martin Hoko – Financial Advisor


Most inspiring!  This gave me a positive and giant leap in the direction of self-discovery and self-empowerment.  I am excited about the opportunities that will present themselves.  Thank you.

Deri Le Roux        


This course helped me look at my challenges with a different eyes and attitude.  My self-confidence is greatly boosted.  My self-image boosted and I see a whole new world out there and the new empowered me.  I feel strengthened in many areas as the knowledge and understanding. I have gained so invaluable and a blessing.

Yolanda Nametso       


This course made me whole.  This was a wonderful experience and life changing.

Thanks for everything.

Betsie Ferera


This training has done a lot for me.

  1. Changed my self-image.
  2. Removed doubt about my potential.
  3. Taught me the power behind goal setting and values.
  4. Shown me how to transform my life and others.

Thank you Burk and Isobel.

Elizabeth Mushonga


It enabled me to identify my limiting beliefs and further explore my subconscious mind.  It was very insightful and provided a good foundation for further exploration and helping others in need of Coaching.  Thank you very much.  Your dedication and energy made all the difference.

Willie Meyer


It made me take a better look at my life and priorities.  I met amazing people and every day was so full with life changing events, teachings and activities.  Two of the most amazing things that I learned were:  Anxiety is a signal (to tell me that I am focusing on the wrong things) and you can manifest anything through expectation, action, certainty, faith and intention.  It’s just amazing how much power is in your brain and mind.  It’s life changing and can’t wait to empower other people to live the best life ever!!!

Karien De Bruyn


Wow, really made me happy again.  I felt the love and acceptance from everyone attending the course.  I got rid of all the negative emotions and built myself up again into a new person that is in control and loves myself.  I have more confidence and can handle anything without getting anxious.

Elsie Schoeman


This empowered me with knowledge and techniques to improve my life as well as the life of Others.  I feel much more confidence and more in control over my emotions.  I am also ready and able to create a bright future for my life.  Thank you very much.

Brian Maseko


The training is phenomenal.  More than what I expected.  Burk and Isobel were heaven sent.  I never knew that I could quickly train my brain.  I am empowered now.  I can do anything I put my mind into.  Wait for the testimonials.  This training manual…my tool forever!  Thanks.

Matthews Mojapelo – Advocate


This course just again reminded me of the importance of the discipline over our thoughts, feelings and behavior.  We have to plan our lives, our future, otherwise life is just happening to me and I want to “Happen TO LIFE”.  The course confirmed the incredible power within us and the worth of self-love, because then you can love others truly.  Thank you for all your effort and patience.  You’re a very special couple.

Douline Minnaar


This course gave me the opportunity to associate and meet like-minded minds for the first time in my 50 years.  I was presented with amazing tools and equipped to be able to manage, control and direct my mind according to my own beliefs and values.  I am in touch with my feelings more and nicety took…A HIKE!  Be blessed as you bless others, by sharing your experiences so freely.  Thank you Burk and Isobel.

Johann May


Ek is oortuig daarvan dat die lewe meer bied as net ‘n dag-tot-dag bestaan terwyl die grootheid van die lewe by ons verby gaan.  Ook hoe ons self ‘n beter more kan skep in VANDAG!  Baie dankie vir die moeite wat met die aanbieding gedoen is.

Philip Minnaar


This course:

  • Expanded my “toolbox”.
  • Upskilled my abilities to new levels.
  • Informed me with amazing content.
  • New friends.
  • Anchored new believes.
  • Re-anchored trusted believes.

Lynette Viljoen – Business Owner: LEAP Training (http://www.leaptraining.co.za)


This training has taught me to embrace life and that we allow our sub-conscious mind to dominate our lives.  I was so bound by the obstacles and the NOTS in life that I did not appreciate that life is a gift given to be lived and it does not have to be difficult at all.  Mountains can be moved and become lessons.

Bronwyn Abroue


Baie dankie vir alles waarmee jy ons toegerus het om ‘n verskil in ander en ons eie lewens te verseker. Jy IS ‘n meester in jou gebied en voorwaar ‘n baken van hoop!
Jou beker loop oor …
Never give up .. Never give in … Jou bydrae tot hierdie wereld is van onskatbare waarde ..

Riana Croukamp Vermeulen


Hi Burk!!!

Baie dankie vir n GREAT experience. My goed val regtig mooi in plek, bv ek maak n week vroeer by die werk klaar (dit is vandag oor n week!!!)om met my eie besigheid te begin. Dan het ek n maand betaalde “verlof” om my kantoor mooi in te rug (dit gaan vinniger as dit klaar wees) want ek het al klaar mense wat belangstel en my gaan kom sien!!!! The taste of achievement is SOOOO addictive, en elke dag is daar nuwe goed wat ek bereik!!!

Geniet julle naweek en chat weer binne kort.

Baie liefde



Dear Burk and Isobel,

Break thru! Break thru! Break thru! I had great big Break Thru through the NLP life Coach workshop.

Before the workshop, I actually had broken relationship with God, during the Negative Emotion Therapy section; we took away all unprocessed negative emotions of Anger, Doubt, Distress, Hate &etc. I found myself able to pray in the spirit again. I become more focus.

Thanks Burk and Isobel.

Caren Lee


Ek het hierdie kursus deur die internet gekry omdat ek gesoek het na inligting oor life coaching. Ek het toe Burk se e-boek gelees en gevind dat dit presies is waarna ek soek. Voor die kursus was ek baie deurmekaar oor my lewe en waarheen ek regtig wil gaan alhoewel ek seker was ek wil nie meer aangaan soos voorheen nie. Na hierdie kursus is ek weer ‘n eenheid wat weet wat ek in die lewe wil hê, hoe om dit reg te kry en hoe om ander mense te help. Ek is weer lief vir myself.

Baie dankie Burk en Isobel vir die passie waarmee julle dit aanbied en dryf!

Anita Engelbrecht


Ek was eers bietjie skepties, soos ek maar is met nuwe denk patrone, veral omdat my geloof in Christus regtig sterk is. Ek het egter besef dat God het soveel potensiaal is ons geskep, dat ons dit net moet agterkom en dan gebruik! Deur NLP het ek die tegnieke gekry om my God gegewe talente en potensiaal raak te sien en hoe om dit te gebruik. Dankie vir die opofferings wat julle moes deurmaak om die inligting weer aan ander te gee. Ek kan die NLP kursusse baie sterk aanbeveel.

Baie dankie

Pieter Jordaan – (FUTURE SMART)


Hi Burk / Isobel

I found your training to have been a Life Changing Experience. It gave a new meaning to the saying “that you don’t have to be ill to get better”. I would like to improve on what William Shakespeare said – “We know what we are, but know not what we may be” only until we’ve experienced Burk and Isobel’s NLP.

Thank you, have a pleasant day




Die opleiding was vir my persoonlik baie verrykend.  Die aanbiedingstyl is positief en energiek en die entoesiasme waarmee dit oorgedra word is aansteeklik.  Elke nuwe dag van die kursus is vol nuwe verassings en positiewe ervaings.  Beslis ‘n kursus wat toekomsdeure vir jouself en andere op ‘n positiewe manier laat oopswaai.  Die soeke na positeiwe groei word verseker hier vervul.

Dankie Burk en Isobel.

Engela v.d. Westhuizen



Het vir die eerste keer bietjie tot stilstand gekom na die week wat verby is en gou gedink ek wil vir jou ‘n briefie tik.

Ek was nie tot aan die einde daar nie, so ek weet nie of iemand dit gedoen het nie.  Ek is seker ek praat namens almal as ek vir jou dankie se vir die week se werk en wat dit vir ons almal beteken het.  Ek weet mense dink dis nie nodig om dankie te se na so ‘n wonderlike kursus nie want jy word mos betaal vir jou diens, maar soos jy weet kan mens al die kennis in die lewe he oor jou vakgebied, maar as die passie en wyse waar op die opleiding geskied nie in lyn is daarmee nie, is dit leeg en minder betekenisvol.  Jou passie en die opgewondenheid waarmee jy die kursus vir ons almal laat lewe het, was wonderlik en ek is seker ons almal waardeer dit werklik baie.

Ek persoonlik is baie opgewonde oor alles wat gebeur het en geleer is.  Ek het reeds die tegnieke begin toepas en my eerste klient (die proefkonyn) is afgehandel.  My eerste klient sal more-oggend opdaag en dit lyk my ek sal meer en meer tyd en aandag aan NLP moet gee.  Nie dat ek omgee nie, want dis vir my baie lekker en betekenisvol.  Nogmaals dankie vir alles.


Leon Pienaar


I now know congruently that I can do absolutely ANYTHING I want to in life.  To know that I can help others achieve the life of their dreams is so empowering.  I’ll be using NLP for the rest of my life.  My home life is already improving and the training isn’t even over yet!  I have all the resources I need to go out and OWN THE WORLD!!

Shevy Sinclair


Transformation Coaching has given me the opportunity to realize that life is what you want it to be.  I am now able to empower other people to have success in their lives.  I am now financial free and can create my future.  Transformation Coaching made me realize that I can do and be everything I want to be, I can love more and be loved.  Transformation Coaching has saved my life and the life of those around me.  I am equipped to have a full, abundant and successful life.

Kindest regards

Marianne Bothma


Dear Burk,

Thank you so much for the “new” eBook “The User Manual To Your Mind”. I cannot wait to start reading it …..there must be some new info in there?

Just like to inform you of my first two clients ….. I am really so proud of everything you taught me on the Life Coach Training, I was so surprised with the fact that I remembered all the detail you taught us….my clients cannot believe that they are the first two people I took through the “Life Transformation Coaching Program“.

They say I act like a coach with years of experience….so thanks to you again for being such a great teacher.

I am so excited about my future of being an Life Coach. As soon as I have enough clientele I can really live my dream career.

And congratulations with your new Website. It looks great!!!!

Kindest regards

Marianne Bothma – Life Coach(2010)


Hi Burk,

I just thought I’d share an experience I had with you.

Yesterday I was called to an unscheduled meeting with the Director and the Corporate Manager. The issues to be discussed were extremely sensitive issues of employees that I represent. As I was in the lift I felt a bit nervous as the meeting was unscheduled but my telephonic conversation with the Director indicated that she was going to take a very oppressive approach. I decided to use my confidence anchor and guess what…………it worked. It was the most successful meeting I had in that she was willing to listen (foe a change). I was so confident that I was quick to respond not only confidently but wisely too.

Take care.

Regards to Isobel.

Nerisha Naidoo – Senior State Advocate


Dear Burk

I certainly feel that I got my money’s worth.  My whole life has and is changing.  I feel I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.  Thank you for the great course and helping me on the way to becoming……




I want to thank  Transformation Coaching Academy for the invaluable experience though I have to say, I was a bit sceptical in the beginning on what is it that Burk was to tell me or do differently from the others.  However, once started, I found the process of the program very intense.   YOU were very knowledgeable in that field and having really stepped up to the mark in my opinion.  My experience included having a positive vision of myself, being healed physically and emotionally whilst receiving guidance and deep insights, finding an inner hidden and bruised child and most of all finding inner peace and forgiveness.  I have also learnt to take ownership of my contribution in whatever has gone through in my life especially after you asked me who is to blame if I was travelling through a green light on an intersection and someone hit me from the side.  I was quick to say the other driver forgetting that I should have also taken precautionary measure of checking on my left and on my right before crossing the intersection.

Once more, thanks so much.

Mpho Mathope


Hi julle!

Baie dankie, Burk, alles in my lyf het sommer weer vibreer en dit is asemrowend om te dink dat dit wat jy ons in 8 dae geleer het, so ‘n fenominale uitwerking het. Rook is nog steeds net ‘n gedagte van my verlede – wonderlik! Wonderlik! Ek lees baie en oefen elke dag.

Joe en my verhouding is defenitief op ‘n ander vlak. Dit is liefde met ‘n hoofletter L. Ons het mekaar se deep love strategy ontlok en nou is my ingesteldheid baie anders teenoor hom en dieselfde van sy kant af. Dit is vir hom belangrik om te hoor, ek het reageer op die nuwe inligting en kaboom! Alles verander in strawberries en cream!!!! Hehehehehe

Ek glo daar by julle gaan dit voor die wind! Burk, ek weet ek het dit al gese maar ek wil weer dankie se vir die EFT opleiding wat jy vir ons gegee het as ‘n bonus met die training. Dit is so waardevol, geen geld kan koop wat jy vir ons gegee het en vir ons betekeen het. In Science of getting rich, se die outeur “you have to give more use value for a person than the cash value you take from him”. Jy het dit deur en deur gedoen. DANKIE.

Geniet die naweek en se asb baie groete vir Isobel en die kinders.

Baie liefde



Ek was by ‘n kruispad in my lewe en het nie kans gesien om so voort te gaan nie, maar ook nie geweet hoe ek kan verander en vorentoe gaan nie.  Die “breakthrough” in die training het my eie lewe uitgesorteer en vir die eerste maal in my lewe weet ek, ek kan nou die lewe leef wat ek nog altyd wou gehad het…….en NOU!!!  Ek kan nou doen wat vir my belangrik is sodat ek ‘n verskil kan maak in ander se lewens.  Dankie dat julle my deel gemaak het van julle droom en daar deur kon ek myne kan verwesenlik.

Jackie Rabe


This Training opened channels that were suppressed / blocked.  It put me back on track – realigned my values.  It feels like chains have been removed.  It has cleared up issues from long past and boosted self-confidence.  I met really wonderful people.

Michel Sixel


Hi Burk & Isobel,

Thank you for a fantastic course. The course without doubt was worth every penny for me as an individual and my businesses. I already met and exceeded my sales quota for the next 6 months within only 30 days applying the skills and techniques I learned from the course. Although I was on the life coaching session, this course just sky rocketed me. Nor I or the people who know me can grasp the high self-esteem and courage I have, but mostly I am surprised how focused I am and how quickly I attract the things in life that I want and focus on.




Dear Burk & Isobel

Words cannot describe what your course has done for me. It feels as if the final part of the jigsaw puzzle has been placed and now the picture is complete!

Burk, you are a fantastic trainer with immense patience and understanding. You have taught me a great deal and unlocked many blocked areas within me. As of January I will be going into coaching full time. I have found premises within someone else’s home in Bryanston which is conducive to healing people. I have 3 people already due to book for the Life Transformation Coaching Program. All through word of mouth!

Have a Wonderful Christmas & a Fantastic New Year.

I hope the sugar with the relations is not driving you too crazy?


Your new NLP Practitioner and Life Coach 2010

I was taught to tap into a new me.  Even now, I am getting used to the new me.  The NLP techniques are real and effective.  I can’t wait to apply them to my clients for the first time in my whole life.  I woke up without having a negative feeling.  I am no longer apprehensive and anxious.  I will recommend NLP Life Coach Training Academy to everyone who wants their lives changed.

Themba Ndwandwe – Magistrate High Court


This course did for me in 8 days much more than all the previous courses and self-development have done for me.  I feel empowered and free from all the major hassles that have held me down all the years.  The negative emotions that have been the source of unhappiness, stress, low self-esteem, inaptitude and inertia, are gone.  Everybody should do this Transformation Life Coach Training Course!!!

Alben Togoe


I found it life changing and thankful for the opportunity to have done it.  It is a must for anyone looking at having a fulfilled life and opens the channels for life’s greatest possibilities.  Recommend it for everyone, be it youth, adults, business people and anyone else seeking personal development.

Jabulani Galubetse


When I decided to do the course I expected to learn tools to enhance and better my life.  Now was I blown away!  These tools really made immense change in my life…..starting with ME…….Nog nooit was ek so opgewonde oor die toekoms nie.!!!!  Ek wil met alles in my ‘n verskil in ander se lewens ook gaan maak!!

Jan Buys


This Training;

Made me realise my goals;

Made me realise the true me – I became congruent. “One person, One mission, One goal.”

Opened me up to the truth.

It made me grow and made me want to grow to infinity.

The course brought love back into my being.

Melani van Niekerk – Music Artist


This rocked my world!  It is like I have met a new Jean-Marie.  I can now see so much more possibilities.  I have learned to let go of fear.  Fear has no purpose.  Now I am free! I am in control of my emotions; I can decide to always be happy!  I am so excited because I can still grow so much more and learn so much more.  My family has expanded because I befriended great awesome likeminded people.  I now have a career where I can contribute……helping people become the best they can be.  My life now has aim and purpose!  I am aligned and congruent, and I can achieve it ALL! What a feeling!

 Jean-Marie Holtzhausen


Re-inforced belief that I am the architect of my own future.

Made me realise the importance of focus.

Re-inforced the fact that I see the world not as it is but as I am.

Has motivated me such that I will manifest my dreams in a shorter period of time.

K.M. Mabena (Botswana)


Brought out the best in me.  Brought back the little girl inside.  I got over stuff that was holding me back for so long without me realising it.  I am now positive about life and the future.  Everything is possible for as long as I stay focused.  I’ve got the power to conquer, hold and attain success.  I’ve got my groove back!!  Thanks Burk for believing that I could finish the course when I did not and wanted to walk out.  I will be back…….

Bridgett Mogotsi



It changed my life.  It is the most wonderful feeling to take responsibility for my own life.  I want to thank you Burk, for this amazing experience.  It is PRICELESS!!!

Charlotte du Plessis


Made me take a good look at myself.

Set me on a lifelong path toward self-actualization.

I am motivated to live again.

Seeing the magnificence in others brings me great joy.

W.Y. Eastoe


I required information and techniques to accomplish my goal of helping and coaching other people.  On this Training I gained a lot of Personal Growth and reminders from my “Life Transformation Coaching Program”.  I just reconfirmed my Values; Important goals; Beliefs and removed Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs.  I gained insight into logistically, physically working with clients and improved self-image even more.  I met really nice people and am grateful for that!

Retha  Bodenstein


Life Changing – I have changed my self-image, my world view, my mental model of life, the universe and everything!  I have learned that my sub-conscious mind is my best friend who has my best interest at heart and that she is not my enemy there to hi-jack or sabotage me.  I am at ‘Cause’ and accept responsibility for my life completely – nobody else has any power over me!!

Melanie Vincent


Before the course I felt that I had no control over my life.  This course gave me the skills to take back the steering wheel of my life and to have total control and take full responsibilities for my destiny.

Varecia Hunter


I came here with the intention of learning more about the mind and I received so much more.  Thank you.

Yasmin Leenat Julies


I came here not sure that I actually needed to make changes in my vocational life, physical life, financial status and spiritual life.  However, I had an expectation for change and the training exceeded my expectations by far!  I got answers, even for inner questions that have been bugging me for years.  I recommend this training for anyone wanting to make lasting changes in their lives!!

Nthabiseng Phalatsi


I searched on the internet for life coaching courses and came across Burk’s website where I discovered his great e-book. After reading the book I knew I was on the right track. After I did the course I could feel a definite change in myself, the way I look at myself and my circumstances and the way I see my future. Things can only get better because I am in charge of my destiny from now on. It so empowering!

The best thing I did for myself! Thanks Burk and Isobel for your dedication and passion for what you do.


You changed my life!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  From believing that I can’t do stuff, to believing that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to.  Words alone cannot describe how incredible this experience was for me.  A week of growth and freedom that I will carry with me for rest of my existence.  I am empowered, free and have this unconditionally love for life!  It was an awesome experience.  I will keep you both in my memories for always.

Love You.

Renate Kitshoff


Words are limited to fully describe the beyond phenomenal experience I have received this week.  I feel empowered with powerful knowledge and its application. I feel inspired to get “out there” in a really big way and step up to my vision for myself. My heart expanded and so too, in both my own heart and mind (subconscious included).  The love within me expanded and I am so keen to share more of myself with the world.  I have healed on quantum levels, deeper.  This training has given me the confidence to work with people using the amazing techniques.  This course has connected me to so many wonderful people and I will always cherish this week very fondly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Galaxy Anju West


Before this training I knew that I was powerful, strong and destined for great things.  Now, I believe it!  The course has shifted my view on my power and capabilities regarding my life and circumstances.  I know I am great and do not have to be apologetic about it anymore.  Burk and Isobel have such beautiful and pure souls.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.  I am humbled by your love for your work, yourselves and others.  Now…that is Motivating!!  I appreciate you and this opportunities.  May you be blessed mightily for your efforts!

P.S. I had the best time of my life!

Warm Regards

Doris Msibi


From day one, minute one, I enjoyed the energy of Burke and Isobel that lasted throughout the week.  The course offered a whole lot more than I expected with so much extra added material, value and insight.  I can’t express enough what the practical training was providing to me.  The experience that Burke and Isobel impart is delivered with passion and tangible enthusiasm.  I recommend that anybody wanting to have an awesome life changing experience get in touch and enroll today so that you too can enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest.

Ray Booth


What an amazing week!!  I have had so many breakthroughs in my personal life that I almost feel like “super woman”!

The different techniques that I have learned during the training has been phenomenal.  Each techniques has given me a new perspective on the brilliance of our mind!

Thank you for an earthshattering week.  I am so confident and have so much self-love that it feels like it is ooooozing out of me!

Teresa Barnard


Let me answer this Question by posing a Question… “What did this training NOT do for me!!!???

It exceeded my expectations by miles and miles…  During and after the training, I knew that this was different to any other training I ever attended.  The level of professionalism cannot easily be matched and the outcome for me personally is absolutely phenomenal!  Thank you, Burk and Isobel.  Keep up the great work.  You are most definitely “Leaders in transforming lives”.  My life will never be the same again.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Johan Cronje


This training has been the greatest gift I could have given myself.  It has given me a brand new start in life and I am so excited about the next 100 years that I am going to live.  I have realized that I am limitless and have the tools now to live this limitless life.  Every limitation I ever had has been transformed into a new goal and driver focus.  I have the ability to create much more love, joy, peace happiness, success, health and abundance of money than I ever dreamed possible!  Thank you Burke and Isobel for imparting this to me and with you as my role models I undertake to empower others with this vital knowledge.

Lorraine Harvey


Wow, wow, wow…Bang!!!  Burk and Isobel! Your Love, Your Faith and believe in me…did make all the difference!  It could have been book knowledge, BUT, as you Coach from the Heart, it made a great difference to me.  Thank you for the Grace you showed me and you taught me about choices, but for your Peace, Love, Joy and Patience to wait and allow me to experience my own Learnings!  Thank you for teaching me that there is no Mistakes…only FEEDBACK, to learn and finding new ways to do things and to look for in life.  You have imparted a model to me and I am so grateful for this experience!!

Thank you.  Love You!

Elza Gill


What a life changing experience.  It went beyond any “course” and became an experience that has changed my life forever.  It has made me,” the me”, I have always envisioned and knew was inside of me.  I have let go of my past limiting beliefs and am filled with self-love and confidence that will help me live my every day to its fullest and to grow!  It has inspired me to help others see their true inner selves and experience this feeling I feel right now after completing this training.  When I look deep inside, there are now words to describe what this training has done for me.  I am a new me.  A Me… that I love unconditionally.  A Me… that cannot wait to see what the future has in store and the potential that it carries.

Neha Patel


Wow, I am so empowered by the experience on this course.  Life is constantly changing and I have the tools and energy to transform not only my life, but also the lives of others.  Burk and Isobel both bring such passion and energy to their “work” – truly inspired by their purpose, drive and commitment to transforming lives, and the world around them.  I have shed many tears and run the full range of emotions during this week and am leaving with a smile and inner light that will burn eternally through myself and many others.  Farewell, certainly not good bye!

Kirstie England


Gosh!!  Where do I start??  I now fully believe that I am full of infinite possibilities.  I know this like I know the sun will rise tomorrow.  Being here has been a true gift!  I have been in touch with parts of me that I forgot about and I refused to accept that they were there and now that they are gone, I cannot wait to start living my new life, which started yesterday anyway…

I am truly blessed for having trained again with you.  So thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for this opportunity.  Thank you for always loving unconditionally.  May God continue to bless you, so you can continue to be the Beacon of Hope, which you both are.


Ruth Shimwanza


Oppad na dag 1 vir die Transformation Life Coaching Kursus, het ek trane van vreugde gekry.  Ek het net geweet dit is die regte besluit, want binne my weet ek daar is meer tot my lewe.  Ek het vergeet wie ek is en waarna ek in staat is.  Die kursus het alles binne my oopgemaak, ek voel vernuwe in my menswees!  Ook onthou ek nou hoe “Powerful” en suksesvol ek is.  ‘n Gedrewe individu wat BERGE kan versit.  Burk en Isobel, ongelooflik dankie vir die geleentheid om weer heel te kan wees.

NAMSTE:  “I honor the best and highest within you!”

Nelene Flemming


What this training did for me?

·        Made me aware of my limiting beliefs.

·        Allowed me to face and overcome negative emotions.

·        Brought the emotion of anger to the surface, which I was not even aware of prior to the technique used.

·        Identified my DFF – probably the biggest hindrance to everything I always wanted to accomplish.

·        Got me congruent.

·        Installed new confidence into me.

·        Now, I feel unstoppable in reaching my goals.

·        Brought me to the point of remembrance that: “I am Love, and I am Light…yes, I am!”

·        Gave me the opportunity to learn the Life Empowering Techniques in a safe, loving, encouraging environment. 

·        Gave me the opportunity to come into Burk and Isobel’s space so that some of their essence could be transferred to me!

You are two very beautiful people.  Thank you for an awesome opportunity and experience.  Thank you for revealing another facet of God to me.

Much Love and gratitude to you both.

Desrae Goventry


This training was profound and empowering.  The life skills and tools that I have been, gifted will serve me and allow me to continuously empower myself.  It will also assist me with mentoring, learning and empowering others and enhance my goals and my life purpose.  I am deeply grateful for the gifts, knowledge and wisdom that this fantastic team have entrusted me with.  May you both keep up this amazing work and keep serving humanity.  Love, Light and blessings.

Didier d’Hotman


Thank you so much!  I have really had the desire to spend more time with you and absorb the energy.  I have learnt a lot – even though it is a refresher course.  I realized that I have grown a lot and (not but) have so much room for growth.  I have heard and picked up things that I have missed during my first Training and you have definitely upgraded your course a lot.  This refresher has certainly fired me up even more and also allowed me to deal with deeper issues (content vs. context – thank you Isobel).  Burk, the way you helped me with my sadness was incredible because I can trust you and know that you really care.  What I take home with me is:  Your sincerity and authenticity.  Bless you Burk and Isobel!

Reneé van Wyk


At long last I was able to let go of 40 years’ worth of baggage.  After this intensive training, I am now grateful to be able to say that I feel whole again.  I feel inspired to get on with the rest of my amazing life.  I nearly did not make it to this course, but thankfully the universe conspired to make it so.  By living their purpose, Burk and Isobel helped me to start discovering mine and placed me in a position to play a constructive role in the lives of others.  I am truly grateful and hope that, whoever reads this, will find the courage to do the same.

Pieter Honiball


Oh, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful and happy I am that I did this course.  I have been stuck! I actually now feel like I am on a roller coaster or on roller blades… Nothing will ever stop me again.  I believe I am going to touch the lives of people in the most remarkable way.  Today this door of the lecture room represents for me a breakthrough symbol.  As I get out at the end of this last day I will be crossing the Rubicon, into a whole new world, the beginning of my bright powerful forever…

Jackie Kekana


The biggest thing I have experienced is my irritability with myself… small things going wrong around me and even with other people have decreased significantly.  The need to be in control, to be this “Always-in-control-of-myself” person has subsided.  I am sure I will confuse other people less by becoming more congruent of the person I really am – Loving and Peaceful.  I have also come to the conclusion that instead of focusing on success and wealth, I can rather focus on peace, personal power and opportunities… the other things will follow naturally.  My new DFF is already having a big impact on me.  Thank you Burk and Isobel!  On Wednesday I was still unsure if I made the right decision to do this Transformation Life Coaching Course, but by Thursday I was convinced and today…Bowled Over!!!

Melinda White


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