What is NLP or

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has empowerd the lives of thousands of people worldwide and is said to be the most valuable set of skills and tools ever put together. It is fast, it is effective and it is fun. Once you’ve done your NLP Training, you’ll have some awesome skills and very useful abilities to affect your communication with others fantastically and improve every area of your life in ways that will quite astonish you and those you live and work with.

As a NLP Practitioner, you’ll be able to not only champion people; you’ll also have the skills to help them overcome blocks that hinder their success.

NLP can be likened to a ‘tool box’ of mental, emotional and physical skills and tools collected from all forms of effective excellence in all walks of life. It is the study of what works well and what works quickly. It is about looking for excellence in people and then modeling that excellence so it can be replicated for use by and for the benefit of others, including yourself.

Most of the tools and skills in NLP today came from modeling the excellence of exemplary people.

Your NLP Course will teach you the methodology for you to learn and discover how to succeed and excel in your particular field of expertise. The secrets behind prosperity, success, achievement and brilliant human performance of every description have been studied and modeled by NLP masters for about 30 years now, and all of these results have been reduced to simple, very effective strategies that you will learn on your NLP courses. The secrets of what makes great people great, how to be happy and how to master your life are in the NLP tool kit for you to learn and install in yourself.

The following are just a few examples of what you will get;

  • The ‘flow state’ or the ‘zone’
  • Making people like you
  • Repairing troubled relationships
  • Building good strong relationships
  • Communicating excellently and effectively
  • Persuading and influencing others
  • Coping well with criticism and compliments
  • Gaining personal power and magnetism
  • Utilize your Mind Power
  • Choosing great states and moods at will
  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Collapsing negative states and thoughts
  • Conditioning yourself for success
  • Getting rid of the blocks that stop you or hold you back
  • Eliminating phobias
  • Clear thinking for better decision making
  • Finding effective solutions to problems
  • The art of asking excellent questions
  • And so much more

Whether it’s a job interview or a competition or winning a client or being the one chosen, NLP makes it much easier for you to win and succeed. NLP gives you an unfair advantage over others because you’ll learn how to be the best and how to ‘read’ people, how to predict what they’ll do or think, what makes them tick and how to influence and persuade them.


I attended Burk’s NLP Training Course in June 2011 and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The skills I learnt on the course have already changed my life and I am excited about moving forward with this newly exposed knowledge. Burk’s course offered comprehensive insight into the practice of NLP as well as ample practical experiences leaving me completely confident in my ability to run through the skills I learnt. The learning material is extensive and the pre-course assignment ensured I got a good grasp of the content before starting the course. This was an enormous help as there was a vast amount of information that was covered over the training.

Not only did I finish the course with the skills to help myself and others in the future, but I finished leaving some of my major hindrances behind! The course was liberating and self-empowering! I am sure that my life will continue to grow in the direction I choose.

Burk was excellent in following up on my internet query and more than forthcoming with all the information I required to feel comfortable signing up on his course.

Well done Burk and Isobel!

Kind regards

Lara Coccuiti

BA Fine Arts

Essentially it is a ‘User’s Manual’ for the Body, Brain and Mind. It clearly explains in simple language how and why you do what you do, how and why you feel what you feel, and how to change easily and effortlessly. Any and every human skill, including happiness, great relationships, wealth mastery, fame, genius, sport and every other human skill, has a structure and a strategy and because of this, it can be discovered, learned and installed in others. Many of these have already been clearly mapped by NLP masters and are available for you to install in yourself on your NLP training. The skills and tools are included in your training and so are the methods for acquiring more of them.

The NLP Course is full of practice sessions that are great fun. You get firsthand experience as you do the practical exercises and as you watch others, especially your trainer, doing them. Hearing or reading words alone does not always result in the skill being acquired, so everything you hear or read on your training includes a practical exercise for you to experiment and play with. The training is easy, fun and playful even though you’ll be learning many serious, powerful, life altering skills and abilities.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a prestigious, respected international accreditation, providing you’ve learned via a reputable school with a qualified, recognized trainer. Your NLP training will increase your worth at work and is a valuable addition to your CV. Your qualification affords you the right also to see paying clients, making you extra money on evenings or weekends, or you could even start your own Business, a private Practice as a NLP Practitioner, which is a very rewarding career. You will be able to help other people solve their problems, break through blocks and limitations in their lives, condition themselves for success, and remove phobias.

It is not surprising that so many people become passionate about NLP after doing their NLP practitioner, especially if they’ve had a good, seasoned, knowledgeable trainer with a good grasp of the subject and able to bring life, enthusiasm and clarity into it. The field is absolutely fascinating and enchanting.

It includes so much old and new, ancient and modern, wisdom re packaged in a way that works for today’s demands of society and life style. There is nothing entirely new in NLP since it is all gleaned from the greatest mankind has every achieved, yet it is entirely new to most people who have not had the time or the exposure or the finances to spend thousands of hours studying hundreds of laborious difficult books trying to make sense of it all. The greatest human knowledge and discoveries are pieced together in the most practical and usable ways so you get all the benefits without having to study tons of boring theory too.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming became famous for its incredibly quick and effective technique, such as the 5 minute phobia cure, yet NLP is far more than the technique, it is an attitude and methodology, and it is a set of building blocks and tools from which more techniques may be created or discovered.

NLP offer some particularly useful help for businesses in the areas of change management, sales, leadership, dispute management, recruitment, motivation and consulting. If you don’t know NLP, you won’t notice when it’s being used.

What is NLP? Neuro Linguistic Programming is a completely unique synthesis of cybernetics, neurology, and linguistics that offers you practical methods for rapid personal improvement and helping people from around the world. When you learn NLP, you will discover easy to follow road maps that lead you to enriched personal achievements, interpersonal and professional influence. Literally millions of people from all walks of life have used NLP principles to change their own behaviour patterns while influencing others more effectively. It is the most practical, results oriented technology of detecting, understanding and getting in control of your conscious as well as the Subconscious thinking.

The Study of human behaviour is one of the few areas that for the most part continue to operate from outmoded theories and information. In contrast, NLP is a technology that brings us into the modern world, a technology that can be used to create the quality of life you want, right now! We will show YOU how to use this with yourself, others.

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