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Why Do A NLP Practitioner Course

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a form of psychotherapy that even though not normally recognized by mainstream psychotherapy has become very well-known with teachers, life couches and marketing and advertising and business executives. There are even a number of psychotherapists with private practices and many hypnotherapists who employ the methodology behind NLP training.

NLP seeks to alter the programming we have in our brains that causes us to react negatively to certain triggers. The belief is that those triggers are genuinely memories or learned behaviors from the subconscious mind that are impacting our emotions. By reprogramming these memories with a thing positive – a calming color or sight, a content memory or a pleasant tone of voice – we are thereby changing the way our brain interprets the trigger and altering the way we react. Positive there is little hard, scientific data to back up the claims made by NLP and NLP practitioners but when carefully viewed as, the theories posed by the technique make sense.

There has to be some purpose Patient A and Patient B react to items like dogs, snakes or spiders differently. They could have grown up subsequent door to every other, spent their complete childhoods together and came from the same standard background. We’ll say, for arguments sake that they had been both from middle class, typical families with 1 sibling two years older and 1 sibling two years younger, and each parents still married – 1 parent worked, the other stayed property and for the argument’s sake once more, will say it was the same parent at property in each households. They got equivalent grades in school and each had the identical buddies. Yet somehow, despite practically identical childhoods, Patient A is terrified of dogs and Patient B is a dog lover. How does this happen?

According to NLP, it is likely that Patient A was bitten by a dog or had a negative expertise with a dog, or a person in their family had a worry of dogs and displayed it in from of them. In either case, it is probable Patient A has no memory of this knowledge since it could have happened when they had been as well young to don’t forget. That does not matter to the brain though. The subconscious thoughts remembers this and triggers the fear reaction each and every time Patient A sees a dog.

Patient A wants to solve this difficulty since Patient B is a close friend and, yes, has a 4 legged buddy of their personal. Patient A just wants to be able to go to Patient B without having acquiring a panic attack at the thought of seeing the dog. Patient A turns to an NLP practitioner to get support.

The NLP practitioner is going to attempt to get to the root lead to of Patient A’s phobia. Together, they discover that Patient A did in fact have a negative expertise which programmed into Patient A’s thoughts that dogs are bad news and must be avoided. The NLP practitioner will now set about trying to reformat that system by changing the reaction the brain has to dogs. They will do this by reprogramming the brain so when Patient A sees a dog, a pleasant reaction is triggered permitting Patient A and Patient B to have pleasant visits with no the panic attacks.

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