“Do You Believe That ANYBODY Can Change?”

“Read My Story Then You Decide!”

“What if I tell you… that my Nick Name in school was “PRIME EVIL?”

“Yes…I was someone that turned RED FACE from anger to such an extent that I “bliksemed” the one that looked at me funny or just even stared at me!  They even had it worse if they tried to hurt me or said something I did not like!”

Well… coming from a typical Afrikaner family where I was the eldest of 5 and having a father that was a School Teacher whom became a full time Farmer when I turned 6, you couldn’t expect less?

I was brought up that if someone bothers you, you “bliksem” them!  No patience for anything or anyone! If you give orders, the people must obey, do it right the first time or get”bliksemed”.

Have you ever seen someone yell so loud, that it looks like their veins on their head is going to pop out?  Well if you knew me back then, you would have seen it!  SCARY!!!!!

At the age of 24 this mean, Prime Evil farmer fell in love with a petite, kind, loving and very soft girl.  I wanted to get married and settle down instantly. I told her that:

“This is who I am….I will, and cannot change…..take it or leave it!!”

She was my Angel in rescue, because it was only a miracle that she still married me after all. I will always cherish her patience, support and devotion to me.

After 2 years of marriage I noticed what my anger did to her and it totally “broke my heart”.  I even decided that I do not want children… ‘I will not let them go through this or have me as a father.’

“I Refused To Go On Like This And Took a Bold Decision In My Life to:

“Change…Take Control…and Do Whatever It Takes!!!”

Now, you should have seen this farmer who was dyslexia…trying his best to read the Bible?

After 2 sentences I got so frustrated my head started to transform in Mr Evil Man again!  Well, I was so bad I guess that even reading the Bible and praying daily could not change me….went well for a while but the anger rages did not go away!

My journey in Transformation started on my first holiday as a married man, 12 years ago…being relaxed and happy.  I decided to read my first Personal Development book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad!

For the first time in my life I learned that there are gurus and mentor’s out there with knowledge, tools, skills and guidance’… to help you Transform and Grow.

I never knew that there was something like “Personal Development” where you take the action and responsibility to help yourself!!! Suddenly I realized that there might be a possibility to CHANGE????

“I Got Hooked…Addicted to Learn and Grow!!”

I started with reading programmes to improve my reading and overcome my dyslexia and then the weirdest thing happened….

“I switched my satellite TV off! No more TV. Nothing! Not even Radio stations!!”  Now you must know!  I was Mr TV-holic!  A junkie to my Sci-Fi shows!!!

“Up to today, I do not have TV!! I Love Learning, Working, Studying….All The Time!”

Man… I went crazy!  Investing over $100 000 in courses, trainings, programmes, books, seminars and, and, and…

“I learned and gain some of my knowledge from guys you might know:”

  • Dr. David Hawkins
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • Bob Proctor
  • Dr. John Demartini
  • John Assaraf
  • Brian Tracey
  • Stephen R. Covey
  • Rhonda Byrne
  • Paul R. Scheele  (Did All of his courses)
  • Dr Robert Anthony
  • Charles F. Haanel
  • Napoleon Hill
  • Greg Braden
  • Anthony/Tony Robbins
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Donald Truimp
  • Bill Harris
  • Maxwell Maltz

“You know what?  Knowledge With The Correct Guidance Gave Me The Wisdom To CHANGE!”

My life changed a lot and I decided that I want more from life than just being a farmer and working for someone else.

I discovered Life Coaching and me and my wife went together so that we can empower ourselves and start our own business.

“Life Coaching in combination with NLP, was Just Mind Blowing and We Transformed Our Lives Phenomenally!”

All the knowledge from the previous year’s just linked in all together and I became congruently with who I am and who I can become.  I wanted to learn more about Life Coaching and NLP because I decided and realized that this have to be shared with the world.  If I can change…anyone can!!!

I gathered some of my Life Coaching & NLP expertise from:

  • Dr. John Demartini
  • Anthony/Tony Robbins
  • Cloe Madanes
  • Dr. Tad James
  • Joseph O‘Connor
  • David Molden
  • Dr. Steve G. Jones
  • Dr. Terri Ann Laws
  • Rex Sikes
  • Christine Shutterland

Today I am a father of 2 adorable children.  Anger is something of the past.  I cannot even associate myself to that old me.  I never get upset or angry anymore.  I can read fluently and……I am not a farmer anymore!  I changed my career from the one opposite to the other!

“Through our own living experiences and coaching we synthesized everything we have learned into one Massive Powerful Transformation Life Coach Training Program!”

“ANYONE CAN change!  ANYONE CAN be who and what they want to be!!!”


Today it is my Passion and Career to help people Transform!  I share with you the knowledge, tools and guidance through a combination of Powerful Life Coaching Methodologies, Transformation Coaching Techniques, Neuro-Science,  Advanced Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Physics, and Success Mind Set Strategies which I learned only from the best out there.  My course gives you step by step actions to change, letting go and dealing with baggage!

This is how I went from Insecure; Unhappy; Angry; and Frustrated to: “Confident, Happy and Successful.”

“Why does someone want to go on the same Long and Expensive journey to find this tools which enable you to change and transform yourself and other people?”

I and my beautiful wife Isobel have come a long way to find the Happiness we were searching for.  We prayed for years to God: “Show us the way; show us the Truth!”  Isobel’s story is shared in her book that she has written. To read her story, just follow the link by Clicking on it: Amazon.com – How To Be Happy

“Without the Guidance and Support from our Magnificent Creator, God, we would not have found it!  Through faith, perseverance and action we accomplished all of our goals.  We still have a long way to go but we have the inner strength and tools to handle any challenge and take away any limitation we have.  We have God in us and therefore we will deliver the Best to the people that also want to be their best!”

Sunshine Greetings

Burk and Isobel

“Leaders in Transformation”

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