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Are you determined to have a rewarding new career, succeed in your relationships, let go of your unprocessed negative emotions, become financially secure, and enjoy a sense of emotional and spiritual well-being by helping other people? You are then at the right place!  Our Internationally Accredited Life Coaching Courses can assist you in becoming successful, happy and fulfilled in all these areas and more.

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The initial starting point in becoming a life coach is to only have the desire, commitment and willingness to take action towards your dreams.  That is all it takes!

The only way we can ever experience what we truly want, is the WILL to have it and then choosing to take ACTION!”

The willingness to spend time, money and energy to have what we want we need to have a strong desire. The stronger our desire and effort we put into going from where we are right now, the faster we will be able to achieve our goals.

When desire meets opportunity, exciting things begin to happen! If you have never been able to accept this, or even to recognize opportunity for what it is, it is undoubtedly because you have been concentrating on something else.  All we have to do is to have the faith that we can DO or BE everything we want to be and it starts with believing in ourselves!

“Having Confidence in Ourselves and in the Choices we make is the Greatest Gift you can Ever Give to Yourself!”

Negative thoughts generate fear, anxiety and discouragement. Once you allow these negative thoughts to become dominant beliefs, they are certain to undermine your plans, and failure is the inevitable result.

You literally end up sabotaging your ability to become Successful and Happy.  Desire, on the other hand, is a creative force. It helps you to accept what you want to accomplish and it inspires enthusiasm and the WILL to have it. The sum total of your beliefs determines your ability to succeed. Remember;
“As a man think, in his heart, so is he.”

In our acclaimed new revolutionary Internationally Accredited Life Coaching Courses, we promise to let you experience the power of the subconscious mind by going through your own Life Transformation Coaching Program that will empower your ability to be the absolute best Life Coach and Transformation Coach.

When you have the tools, skills and knowledge to accomplish anything you put your mind on… what would you do to have that? What risks will you be willing to take to have that?

Me and my wife absolutely REFUSED to accept anything LESS than what we truly want in life.  We took huge risks and sometimes we WON big time and sometimes we LOST.  We just had this great desire and willingness to do whatever it takes!  Therefore today we are living our dream and are still growing and moving forward because we will always do whatever it takes to make sure we have more success, growth, health, happiness, love and abundance in our lives than we already do!

When the challenges stop and our growing stop we feel like the willingness to experience life in its fullest glory will stop.
“We believe that successful people always have the hunger to grow and will never let any opportunity go by to help them being better in who they are and what they do!”

If you have the dream to become part of Leaders who will do whatever it takes to follow their true heart’s desire, you have come to the right place!

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Start living your dream today by discovering yourself and your true life purpose to become a life coach.  At our Life Coach Training Academy we train and certify people to make a success of everything they set their mind on. All our courses are Accredited Internationally by the International Coaches Register & ANLP.

“Take the Courage Now and find out exactly how easy you can Become a Life Coach Today!”

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When I initially decided to do you course it was only for the NLP part – NOT for Life Coaching. The 1st day started out gentle but after an hour I was fascinated. Then the shift started happening overnight. I physically felt little pops throughout my body. By the time we reached the transformation coaching techniques I was almost Liberated after the 1st one. But with each new transformation coaching technique, I felt more Empowered than the previous one. I am now Extremely Confident in myself and my ability to be a Life Coach. There is a fountain of great Joy Bubbling throughout my whole being. Burk you & Isobel are wonderful people and thank you for making me realise what life is all about. Fond Love & Appreciation.

Aira Klopper – Professional Hypnotherapist

Dear Burk and Isobel

You changed my life! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! From believing that I can’t do stuff, to believing that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. Words alone cannot describe how incredible this experience was for me. A week of growth and freedom that I will carry with me for rest of my existence. I am empowered, free and have this unconditionally love for life! It was an awesome experience. I will keep you both in my memories for always.
Love You.

Renaté Kitshoff