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Becoming a Life Coach is a dream come true for many people because they are either in the career of helping people or they just have a passion to empower others.

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To become a Life Coach is actually more than just helping people! When you finally become a successful life coach it means that:

“You have the knowledge, skills and tools to empower people by solving all their emotional blockages, changing their beliefs that are holding them back, boosting their confidence and transform them with new positive and creative thinking patterns!”

When you are at the level to help people finding themselves again and teach them to live life with enthusiasm, it means that you have found all the knowledge and life skills because you are congruently living that meaning, practising what you teach. Once you have done this, you are well on your way in becoming a life coach.

In our mind, there is an enormous difference between doing life coaching as a career because you are very convincing Or to become a Life Coach because you are living what you teach!

Becoming a Life Coach is a burning desire for living life with passion and dedication because you will become one of those people that are doing the things other people never do!

“It is about living fearless and achieving your goals with no limitations and your main objective is to make a difference!”

Every good Life Coach knows that to walk this path you have to start with yourself!

“This is why Transformation Coaching Academy are different and the best!”

We teach and equip everyone with the phenomenal skills, knowledge and tools to not only transform other people’s lives but you will be able to transform your own life as well.

To be happy, joyful and grateful all the time is all about having the knowledge to take the actions that can easily help us overcoming and dealing with life on a daily basis so that nothing can “Happen” to “Us” but rather having the ability to change anything in a positive learning and equip ourselves with a new perception that will always empower us to move forward!

Life cannot give us any guarantees and we can only believe in our outcome and future for that is the only thing we have that gives us the will to live fearlessly!

“How strong is our faith in who we are and what we are capable off?”

  • “How much do we believe in our dreams?”
  • “How much do we know we can?”
  • “How much action are we taking daily to live our dreams?”

When you have the desire and are ready to live life fearless you will easily want to take the next exciting step!
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“You will immediately be able to start planning your actions and also see how exciting it is to become a life coach for others or be a life coach for YOURSELF in your own life!”

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Start living your dream today by discovering yourself and your true life purpose to become a life coach. At our Transformation Life Coach Training Academy we train and certify people to make a success of everything they set their mind on. All our courses are Accredited Internationally by the International Coaches Register & ANLP and locally by COMENSA.

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“Take the Courage and find out exactly how easy it is to become a life coach Now!”

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