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Coaching: Greatest Case and Worst Scenario Thinking

Very best Case and Worst situation scenario thinking is a element crucial to identify in a client. These wonderful tools, to identify how a client sorts information, and helps you to figure out how they operate.

Ideal situation and worst situation scenario thinking, pertains as to how the client looks at the future. What are the expectations they have?

Worst Case Scenario Thinking

A worst situation scenario thinker, considers what can go incorrect, what is the worst case? Patterns can be distinguished in consumers if they sort for this pattern. Some people nonetheless can believe worst situation in some areas of their life, and not in other people. But there is a level of predictability as to how someone prefers to sort most of the time. It is a tendency.

It would be easy to assume that worst case scenario thinking is “negative” thinking. I don’t believe it is, it is far better to qualify it is a a reverse positive thinking. If carried out in the right way that is, lets face it some men and women really like to complain and believe in doom scenarios. However, if the intention is to plan and avert for factors going incorrect then this is an extremely excellent thing. Mitigating hazards and dangers, can be incredibly useful in life. This is some thing you can coach a client on, with the expectation of issues getting the capacity to go incorrect. You can set tasks, and organizing to avert this worst situation scenario taking location. This gives the client of a feeling of control, getting in the drivers seat of their automobile of life.

Now problematic in a client is if the worst case scenario thinking isn’t realistic. Doom scenarios that are not likely to happen. It comes close to coding like a limiting belief, that can be dangerous. In this situation, it is essential using the meta model of NLP to debunk the self produced myth of doom. The danger typically is, that a worst situation scenario thinker assumes they are more realistic than others. This may possibly not be the situation, so be sure that you are aware of that as a coach.

Greatest Situation Scenario Thinking

Although ideal case scenario thinking appears to be a lot more inline with the underlying structure of happiness, and the teachings of NLP based coaching… this can be deceiving. The greatest case scenario does offer you the possibility for a client getting much more prepared to step in to modify, and create positive futures. However, there is an underlying danger here also! Once more when the very best case scenario isn’t realistic, searching at the planet by means of rose colored glasses. By not considering danger and problems, it might enable the client make some giant blunders. Stepping into locations of adjust, and possibilities, with no cautiously considering the ecology of their actions. Like quitting your job to lead a life of passion and owning your personal enterprise, without realizing that a life coaching business is a Business. That needs to be built and rent is due at the end of the month.

It prevents a client to develop a solid structure of life, where any prospective difficulties are less most likely to happen.

Conclusion: the bottom line is to meticulously assess in best and worst case scenario thinking, if the thinking is realistic. And to make sure that regardless of how the client sorts, adequate steps are taken towards positive action. The variety of action that does let us to move forward in to modify, and generating well formed outcomes. But performing so in a way, that we are prepared for whatever the future could bring. Constructing stronger foundations. In that sense, a nicely trained NLP Practitioner or greater but NLP Master Practitioner can support the client put a system like this with each other. By shifting the client into a spot of what is attainable AND solutions that boost the probabilities of achievement.

How do you sort? Are you a very best of worst scenario thinker? And how does this have an effect on your ability in coaching and as coach?