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EFT – Simply Efficient

The Emotional Freedom Approach (EFT) is a straightforward, efficient, and effective strategy to release emotional and physical anxiety from the physique and the mind. Developed by Gary Craig and employed in numerous parts of the globe, EFT is expanding in recognition.

I have located that EFT blends the wisdom of Chinese medicine with the rewards of cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy is nicely known and respected as an successful psycho-therapeutic modality to decrease signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other emotional concerns. It is a single of the most effectively researched types of psychotherapy. Cognitive therapy helps clientele alter thinking patterns to promote better mood, and for that reason better health.

Chinese medicine functions on energy meridians that run even though out the body. These meridians are usually described as ‘rivers of power.’ When a individual is balanced and healthy, the rivers flow freely.

When the rivers are blocked, life force flows slower and disease and discomfort can develop. Two Chinese medicine techniques, acupuncture and acupressure, are based on clearing the blocks in the power meridian program. EFT is often described as needle-much less acupuncture.

To do EFT, you tap on power meridians, while repeating a sentence or phrase about the concern you are operating by way of. (See “EFT Recipe” beneath.) The session ends with the installation of a new way of thinking by tapping positive phrases and words related to the former concern.

Thus, EFT combines the rewards of clearing the meridian program with cognitive therapy in a easy and successful manner. This typically brings healing to troubles that have been resistant to adjust. Although a stubborn concern could have a lot of layers, numerous clientele report modifications with one particular session of EFT.

Emotions are a form of energy.

Thoughts are a form of energy. When energy is blocked, the physique gets out of balance, and tension types. Pressure burdens the body and the thoughts, causing a lot more blockages, top to premature wear and tear of the body and illness.

If the anxiety is emotional and becomes longstanding, it can lead to depression and anxiety and other problems. Emotional anxiety held long sufficient can create physical signs and symptoms. By bringing awareness and positive intention to the power meridian program, EFT assists release stress from the physique. Releasing unpleasant experiences and stress in the physique improves the flow of energy in the body, generating wellness. EFT, like physical exercise, aids move energy and promote power balance in the body. Workout is well known to support with mood and physical health. As opposed to physical exercise, EFT can be focused on a particular stressor or difficulty.

When employing EFT, release is usually felt on both the physical and emotional level. Clientele report physical feelings like heat release, tingling, movement, pressure, or sensations of cold. Emotionally they convey a sense of motion of the heaviness, movement of the anxiousness, release, peace, ease, or quiet. Utilizing EFT usually increases self-awareness and a sense of “inner recognizing”. As clientele release anxiety on physical and non-physical levels, they often demonstrate a lot more intuitiveness.

Newer study shows EFT is a lot more productive than cognitive-behavioral therapy for some troubles. EFT has been employed properly with a fantastic assortment of emotional troubles like depression, anxiousness, intrusive memories, PTSD, fears phobias, or compulsions. It is becoming explored as an successful remedy for returning combat veterans.

EFT is just successful for many physical aches and pains in the physique as nicely. It can also be utilised for far more complicated issues, like many sclerosis, migraines, cancer, skin concerns, allergies, food cravings, and smoking cessation. Simply because of its simplicity and tiny apparent threat, it is an specifically desirable modality for efficient healing of each physical and non-physical disorders.

EFT is an successful tool that can be implemented in numerous basic techniques. I teach clients how to tap, so they can comfortably use it as a self-aid tool. EFT can be done for other people, also. For a client with far more intense problems, I often integrate EFT with other power healing practices in a private healing session.

EFT lends itself to group settings. It can effortlessly be taught in little or big groups. It even has ‘borrowed advantages.’ Often, when 1 individual taps, other individuals in the space obtain the positive aspects of the tapping too.

EFT is basic to find out and can be employed individually, as a self-help tool, or as element of a clinician’s structured treatment. Like most items, expertise and practice boost its effectiveness. When this energy psychology tool is in the hands of an skilled clinician, its art and grace are even a lot more apparent.

An EFT Recipe Here’s a basic recipe: 1. Measure your level of stress on a scale of 1 to ten (most intense)

two. Pick an problem to work on: a troubling memory, a worry, a discomfort, a compulsion

3. Produce a setup phrase or “EFT statement.” It should begin with “Even although I. . .” (describe the dilemma) . . .”I deeply and totally accept myself.” For instance: “Even though I am angry that Susie left me stranded, I deeply and fully accept myself. From now on I choose to expertise comfort, ease and joy.” (You do not have to believe this.)

four. Use the fingertips of one particular hand to tap the outside edge of the opposite hand, (often referred to as the “Karate Chop Spot”) whilst repeating your setup EFT statement three occasions.

five. Then, tap each and every of the following points:

• Inner corners of eyebrows
• Outer corners of eyes
• Beneath the center of the eyes
• Under the nose
• In the middle of the chin
• On each collarbones
• Below the breasts, in line with the nipples
• Beneath the armpits (cross arms over chest)
• On the very leading of the head

As you tap, basically describe the dilemma at each and every point, modifying the phrase as it seems right. For instance: “This anger at Susie” or “These feelings of becoming stranded.”

6. Take a deep breath. Measure the intensity of the issue again. Repeat the pattern till your tension level comes down to 1 or .