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Fish Story About Life Coach Training: Unmasked

A life coach is a unique path that is deeply gratifying and stimulating. Many citizens who are passionate to become a coach are not sure of the education they require to develop into a certified coach. There are a number of insights on what a coach is and what training is needed, this is recommended lower down. Me, Sean Mennell has a cool informative website. Go to for plenty of secrets and opinions on life coach training and how to become a coach.

Sean worked alongside Shelly Phillips for approximately 7 months. Shelly is a life coach and is working with a organization called Authentic World stationed in San Francisco who helps comfort people all over the globe. Sean is presently excited to mature into a certified coach, and help support folks all over the globe.

So what is a life coach? Thousands of people believe there is no difference between coaching and therapy, but there is a big difference.

As a matter of fact the one feature that coaching and therapy has in common is they are session based discussions. Therapy deals with unresolved issues in your life and with coaching you deal with where you are now and where you want to go. Coaching is seen as an ongoing, non-judgmental partnership to support personal development, behavior modification, and goal-setting.

Is life coach training essential? This is a very new career that is growing quickly and right now you don’t need to be certified to become a coach, in fact you could get started immediately. However it is recommended that you get some training, not only for you to say you have been trained, it is also so you gain education and accomplishments so you can influence your clients.

It is highly recommended that you check out the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF is recognized all over the planet for its coaching qualifications.

There is plenty of reports about life coach training and what a coach is that can be baffling, but the reality is a coach will give you guidance and coach training will give you certainty that will help influence your clients. Below is a link to my website that is packed full of advice and videos about becoming a coach.

It’s all happening.