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Personal Development Programs Require Your Participation

“Reading a self-help book without practicing what it preaches provides entertainment value only.” ~ Ryan Biddulph

Personal Development Is Your Responsibility

In order to grow as a person it’s your responsibility to develop yourself.

Bob Proctor can’t develop you. Nor can Joe Vitale or Bob Doyle. They may provide with a personal development program. If the package collects dust don’t expect your life to change overnight.

How many hours a day do you devote towards developing yourself? With the proper mindset your 8 sleeping hours can be used most efficiently. A simple set of affirmations declared to one’s self for 10 minutes prior to sleep can program the subconscious mind to work for you while sleeping.

With 10 minutes of effort you may devote a third of your day to personal development.

What about the waking hours? If you aren’t dedicating at least 1-2 hours toward personal development don’t expect to experience much progress.

Self-help gurus can be a source of inspiration but you should follow their lead if you want to really help yourself. I’ve been there; nodding along to Bob Doyle while spending 5 minutes a day toward acting on his insight. Applying exercises is when improvement occurs.

Staring at a weight set doesn’t give you muscle. Setting up a don’t won’t lead to weight loss.

Many people like to try every latest, greatest personal development program. It’s fine to look for a comfortable fit but if you’ve spent years doing this you’re not progressing.

Have you tried a personal development program? From my experience the process goes like this:

1 – Buy The Program

2 – Try The Program

3 – Put The Program Into Practice

Step 1 is where some well-meaning folks go into an endless loop. They search for a magic pill without realizing they have to eventually ingest the pill for it to be effective.

Step 2. The personal development newbie expects results to miraculously manifest with minimal effort on their part. Some people put the program into practice for a few days, a week, or maybe even a month. When they don’t see the results that they desire they quit.

Step 3 is putting the program in action. Practicing what is preached. The Step 3 people are winners.

Which step are you at? Assume responsibility for your life and take the first step to freedom.