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You Are Not What Your Conscious Mind Says You Are

Your conscious mind operates from a place of fear. Worry of anything new, worry of adjust, even if it is good. From this spot of worry your conscious mind will try to get you not to make any changes in your life (even if they are positive) by producing fear, doubt, chaos, and confusion in your thoughts. It will say issues like “You can not do that”, “How do you think you happen to be going to do that?” “You don’t know adequate” “You’re not talented sufficient”, “You happen to be not worthy”, and on and on.

Let me make 1 point perfectly clear. You are NOT! what your conscious mind says you are.

Your conscious mind truly has a positive intention with all of its negative speak. that intention is to keep you secure by keeping you specifically exactly where you are so that you do not fail or make a fool of oneself trying one thing new. Regardless of its positive intent, the conscious mind has a real lousy way of going about it. If you look back over your life, I am positive you will agree it hasn’t served you extremely well in living the life you desire.

Your Conscious Mind Only Has The Power You Give It

Even although your conscious mind has this loud and obnoxious, condescending voice, that usually appears to be so powerfully against us, it has nothing to do with who we truly are, or what is achievable in our lives. In truth the only power the conscious mind has to limit us in moving forward in our lives is the power we give it. You give power to your conscious mind by giving significant consideration of anything it says to you.

If your conscious mind says “You’re not worthy”, and you stop to contemplate whether or not you are worthy, you give the conscious mind the power to limit you. You start to feel, “maybe I’m not worthy of what I want in my life”. “Possibly I shouldn’t desire a lot more abundance…a more fulfilling career…a much better connection…” and so forth. Prior to you know it you speak your self out of the good expertise and alterations you desire in your life.

There Is One more Voice Within You

There is an additional voice inside you that you may possibly not be aware of, or have forgotten about. This other voice is not loud or obnoxious, or condescending. This voice is quiet, unconditionally loving and supportive of your dreams, and speaks in whispers. It says things like “You are loved”…”You are worthy of all that you want”…You and your life matter…” and so forth.

These two really various voices are like two diverse radio stations. Like radio stations on a radio, you have the power to tune one particular out and yet another one particular in. When you tune into that voice that knows who you actually are, and unconditionally loves and supports you in all that you desire, you will uncover that the worry, doubt, chaos and confusion of your conscious mind dissolves away, and the path before you becomes clear.

Turn into Conscious

So this week I encourage you to simply be conscious. Be conscious of when your conscious mind is speaking negatively to you (which for most folks is several instances throughout the day). When you become conscious of this negativity basically state really strongly “Stop! That is not the truth for me”.

Then take a moment to close your eyes, place one or both of your hands on your heart, take in a deep breathe, and exhale, and turn out to be conscious of that loving voice within you, that voice that knows the truth about who you truly are. The voice that knows you exactly where place on this planet to fulfill a mission, and you have all that you need within in you to effectively fulfill that mission.

Shine Your Light On the Planet

Keep in mind, the conscious mind only has the power you give it with your attention. If you starve it of your attention,it is powerless, and you will be free to fully express the truth of who are. The planet is waiting for you to shine your unique light. So let it shine!