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Law of Attraction Secrets

Many people are frustrated with the current view of the Law of Attraction. We are constantly told that the law of attraction is real and that it is working every minute of every day! So, how come it isn’t working for you?

Many people have watched the film ‘The Secret’ and after feeling motivated and positive have diligently followed the advice given by the teachers in the documentary. However, very few get the results they were aiming for. Why is this? If the Law of Attraction definitely exists and always has and always will how come it doesn’t seem to work for you? Are you in some way different? Do you think the rules of the universe do not apply to you? Of course not! It does, however, feel that way most of the time.

The problem with your inability to get any real tangible results from using techniques designed to utilize the law of attraction is not with the law itself but rather your understanding of it!

Unfortunately most law of attraction books, seminars or films do not tell you the entire truth.

In fact they withhold the greatest secret of all!

The reason why you do not get the results you want from the law of attraction is due almost entirely to your unconscious thoughts. The truth is there are a multitude, (thousands if not millions), of unconscious programs running around in your head like rogue computer programs in a computer system. Your subconscious programs are your beliefs. If these programs are in direct conflict with your conscious desires then these desires can never manifest in your life.

Even if you are lucky enough to use the law of attraction to bring a few of your desires to you, your subconscious programs will quickly ensure they are taken away again! Sound familiar?

We have all had the experience of getting unexpected money just to have it sucked up on bills or other expenses so that we never really get to enjoy it! This is a perfect example of subconscious programming sabotaging our lives.

These negative subconscious beliefs run in the background noise of our minds and are often so subtle that we are not even aware they exist.

These subconscious programs are like viruses that infect a computer. Just like a computer your mind is being hindered by these viruses – your negative beliefs. Negative subconscious beliefs literally mess with the operating system of your mind!

You do need to make the effort to find these negative subconscious programs. However, once you identify them it is relatively easy to remove them. Once you are aware that you have a negative belief often this is enough to eliminate it as you see the futility and erroneous nature of it!

If you can find and remove your own unconscious beliefs i.e. those negative beliefs and feelings that are in conflict with your desires, then you would find the things that you want in life would just drop into your lap! The law of attraction would work effortlessly for you because all you have to do is think about what you want without any negative thoughts creeping in and you would immediately begin to attract it to you!

If you take the time to observe your everyday thinking, you will soon identify your negative subconscious programs and begin removing them. Then through the natural course of the law of attraction all those things you now desire will begin to come your way.