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The Law of Attraction and Revolutionize

People today have been taught all their life that there are only 5 senses, speech, smell, touch, hearing, and sight. Yes, these are the normal five senses that we use every day, however, there is a sixth sense, and it is the psychic. This sixth sense will allow you to manifest anything you want, once you learn how to use it.

Learning to use your sixth sense is not hard to do. It starts by learning “The Law of Attraction”, this law rules the universe. In other words, Like attracts Like, Money attracts Money, Bad attracts Bad. This law is also similar to the “Law of Karma”.

This sixth sense works even if you are a religious person. As Jesus said “if you believe even as the size of a mustard seed, the kingdom of heaven will open up to you”. This is very true. It takes faith to believe in something that you cannot see, or feel, hear, or touch. You have to “Know”. As you learn more about the law of attraction secrets, you will come to understand the meaning of “Know”.

You may wonder if I am for real. The answer is yes. But let me explain; everyone knows that the wind blows, because they see the trees and the grass move in the breeze, but you cannot actually see the wind. Another fact is that we cannot see sunlight, but we feel its warmth on our skin. So you see you do not have to see things to “Know” that they are real.

You can learn how to manifest anything that you want, it does not matter what it is, once you learn how to transform your thoughts into physical energy. There are many people who think this can only be possible in Science Fiction Movies, however, it has worked for me for many, many years now. All you have to do is to think “Positive”, and not have any doubts in your mind that whatever you want will come about.

Everything that you will learn is centered on thinking positively. You will learn how to push all negative energy away from you. Why? Because remember the “law of attraction”, negative thoughts produce negative desires. In other words, you cannot just tell yourself that you want something; you have to see it happening in your mind. Do not say to yourself “I hope this works, or this better work, or I knew this would not happen”. These are all negative virtues, and they will kill your desires.

There is a revolutionary breakthrough movement called Revolutionize that teaches people how to manifest and attract anything they want.