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The Best Way to Learn EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – sometimes known as “Tapping” – is a powerful and rapidly emerging technique for the transformation of your stresses, traumas, blocks and many other emotional challenges, as well as helping in the areas of performance and achieving your goals. EFT is known to help with many issues as fear, trauma, anger, bereavement, depression, anxiety, panic, social anxiety disorder as well as occasionally dramatically helping physical issues such as back and neck pain, joint stiffness, IBS, ME and many others. Even better, it is well known as being easy to learn and use for self-help. So what is the best way to study EFT?

Learning EFT from a Manual or a Book

There are many books on the market for studying in EFT, and also some complimentary manuals you can download from the internet (search for “EFT manual”). These can be valuable resources, and each has a varied way to express the EFT process. A few are very detailed and reveal a large number of ways to use EFT and others teach just the first steps. This is a very cost effective way to learn EFT, ranging from free to around $ 30. There are two big disadvantages though. Firstly, if you haven’t actually experienced or watched an EFT session, you won’t know what to expect and this may affect your ability to make great progress in whatever you are treating. Secondly, if you find the process doesn’t work for you, it is unlikely that it is because it won’t work for you, but because you are not using it correctly. There are some reasons that could altogether block it from working, and with a tiny correction, everything can start to move forwards. The big issue here is that not experiencing EFT working for you could put you off it for life and prevent you being able to enjoy its unlimited benefits. You can download a free manual from the web site shown at the bottom of this feature.

Learning EFT from You Tube Videos

There are countless You Tube videos showing EFT in action, and you can tap along with many of them, experiencing your own personal shifts and transformations. The issue here is that although you will hopefully have an experience of EFT working for you, this is a disjointed approach as there is no formal training. This means that if you try to use it on yourself without having foundational knowledge, it may work, or it may not. If it doesn’t work, you could become disheartened and put EFT aside. Again, this would be tragic as, if used properly, EFT could literally be life changing for you.

Learning EFT from DVDs

One potentially excellent source of training in EFT comes from DVD-based courses. The advantage here is that you can learn the core skills in a structured manner whilst seeing EFT being used on real people with real issues. There is nothing like watching this approach being used in practice both for learning the technique itself and also because it is so great to be able to watch while someone’s problem is being (hopefully) resolved in front of your eyes. Also, in many DVD packages, you can participate in group tapping experiences from the comfort of your own armchair. Learning from DVDs is very cost-effective, ranging from around $ 30 to $ 150 for basic training. Unfortunately by far the best DVD training from EFT creator Gary Craig has been discontinued as he has retired, although it can be rented from various outlets. That training goes into great depth with hundreds of real examples and “live” cases on video.

There are disadvantages of using DVD-based training: Firstly you are not able to ask your own questions. Learning is a personal experience and DVDs are not able to give the individual attention that can help you really get the technique. In addition, if you get stuck when you are first starting, as with the other learning methods above, it can be very difficult to know what to do, without any direct, immediate help. Again, if you are not able to get it to work for you, you will come unstuck and your DVDs will get put back on the shelf. Lastly, if you wished to go on and take a more advanced level of EFT training, the pre-requisite of formal workshop training means DVD training will not be sufficient and you will need to attend an EFT course in person anyway.

Learn EFT from Courses and Workshops

Without a doubt there is no better way of learning EFT than by attending a course or workshop. The disadvantage is the cost, which tends to range from $ 150 to $ 220 for one-day workshops. However you get far more than just learning EFT. Most courses have plenty of practice where you get to work deeply on your personal challenges or blocks, so attending a workshop is probably also the healing equivalent of a couple of treatment sessions with an EFT practitioner! A good facilitator will ensure you really get the EFT technique and will handle all your personal questions and confusions to make sure you leave the workshop with real experience and understanding under your belt.

If possible, attend a course that is accredited by the AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies) as this is the largest EFT organization in Europe and the U.S. If you wish to become an EFT practitioner, as we go in to the future, the AAMET is most likely to be the first organization to be approved by government health departments; as I write there is no other EFT organization that comes anywhere close in terms of its formalized structures designed to provide a clear curriculum and protocols for the safety of practitioners and clients.