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Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Method) to restore your peace

It is vacation season and we all know what that entails! Shopping, festivities, family and food. Whilst we are hearing vacation songs piped in the shops, lights and decorations adorning windows of properties and shops, this can be a challenging time for several. The two main places that seem to be particularly challenging are Household and Food. Luckily there is a very basic mind physique approach named EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that can, which I call your ‘Secret Weapon.’

Studies has shown that when we stimulate these acupoints EFT raises the serotonin in the brain. Serotonin does 2 issues: it soothes us and it also erases worry reactions from a portion of the brain that is involved with processing fear.

As we tap on a variety of acupressure points, the serotonin in the brain rises. Serotonin is a brain chemical, a neurotransmitter that calms us. The component of the brain that creates alarm when it perceives threat is then flooded with serotonin. This fear loop is disconnected, and we really feel much more at peace, grounded and are in a position to assume objectively rather of reacting. As panic recedes, the thinking part of the brain is able to evaluate the difficulty from a new point of view and make new choices. This can take place in a matter of minutes. Since several illnesses, physical challenges and habits are emotionally based these circumstances clear up.

It also balances out any blocks that are in the meridians, which are the energetic pathways in the body.

Here are some situations that come up throughout the Holidays exactly where EFT can be applied to diffuse tension, anxiety and prepare you for enjoying oneself.FamilyThree conditions that can be specially difficult at holiday gatherings are:

1. Conflict with a specific household memberIt can be uncomfortable in any setting, holidays or not, to share a meal or becoming in a space with an individual you do not care for or have had arguments and past tensions with. There can be feelings of dread and wanting to stay away from Here are some set up statements to explore:

2. Feeling pressured by parents/grandparents/siblings: You have been dating your important other for some time, and you know subtle and not-so-subtle hints will be produced about ‘tying the knot.’ Or maybe you have been married/living with each other for some time and you are anticipating your Mom or Grandma’s comment, “Oh, I just hope I reside lengthy adequate around to see my grandchildren.” GULP! EFT to the rescue!

3. Initial vacation following a loss*Perhaps you have just separated or divorced this past year, or had been laid off from your job. Possibly this is your initial holiday right after your spouse or a family members member has died. These are all types of loss, which can be a particularly sensitive subject around the holidays specifically when the emphasis is on ‘good cheer.’ Give one particular of these set up statements a go:


1. Overeating*Sweets, meats and treats… the holidays are about consuming delicious dishes and favorite foods that are prepared for particular festivities. It can also be a time of dread for those that are desiring to not overindulge and really feel guilty immediately after. Try a single of these set ups, modifying words to your precise scenario and your certain feelings.

Do this “EFT function” nicely prior to the events you are attending. But don’t forget you can also so do EFT on the spot at the events! Feeling tension with a family member? Wanting to take a third slice of pumpkin pie? Slip into the bathroom or quiet corner, or even dash into your automobile and have an EFT quickie!

I also want to suggest scheduling a session with an EFT practitioner ahead of the vacation events. You know how men and women run to their doctor and have flu shots just before winter or the vacation season? Feel of obtaining your own ‘shot in the arm’ with EFT just before facing the festivities! (This goes for EFT practitioners as nicely.)

Remember as you are bustling about this season, to unwrap and use this most amazing gift you already have, EFT, so that your vacation season can truly be festive and fun.